This boxed set of eight albums contains some of the best music made in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1960s. It represents the very finest issued and unissued music recorded by Sun Records and associated labels during that period. It covers the full range of Memphis music from Rock and Roll and Country to Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Gospel. It also contains recordings made for the Nashville-based Sun International Corporation after 1968.
Following on from SUN BOX 106, The Rockin' Years, this box traces the Sun story through its unfashionable years. Nevertheless — and perhaps to the surprise of many — the quality of the music remains high.
There are 131 recordings in this box. Of these, there are:

  • 33 unissued recordings (never before issued in any form)
  • 10 unissued takes (alternative performances to those previously issued)
  • 5 unissued versions (performances from different sessions to previously issued versions)
  • 5 undubbed or remixed versions (recordings previously issued now presented in a different form)
  • 21 not originally issued (recordings released in the 1970s or '80s but not on the original Sun label)
  • 57 original issues (recordings exactly as issued on the original Sun, P.I., Sun Int., Midnight Sun or Plantation labels)

Album One: Feel So Good by Jerry Lee Lewis
An album of unissued Jerry Lee Lewis is always a cause for celebration, particularly when it is drawn from the Sun Records catalogue. This collection comprises some previously undiscovered tapes in conjunction with some remixed versions of some old favourites.
The two versions of My Blue Heaven, dating from June 14, 1961, eluded the compilers of the Sun Years box because the song had also been recorded back in 1959. It therefore showed up as a duplicate entry on the file cards. The original 4 track tapes had never been mixed down from the 1961 session. It seemed as though no-one was having anything to do with Jerry's reinterpretation of My Blue Heaven. The 1959 version was never issued, the 1961 version was never even mixed and a later version, recorded for Mercury in 1969, also sat in the can until resurrected in 1987.
The re-mixes are a different kettle of fish. From 1960 until he quit Sun in 1963 Jerry recorded in multi-track studios. Some of the multi-track tapes have survived and they allow us the liberty of rewriting history — to an extent. The problem is that Jerry was recorded on 4 track tape which meant that the choruses or strings were often on the same track as, say, the bass and drums. Eliminate the chorus and you eliminate the bass and drums. Also, the baffling in the old Sun studios was not very good so there is an element of bleed-through, which means that it is almost impossible to completely eliminate any part of the mix. If the choruses and strings had not been present on the session then it would have been simplicity itself to eliminate them (witness the ease and totality with which the chorus was removed from most of the Charlie Rich titles on the Zu-Zazz album, Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave).
So, we have included a couple of tentative re-mixes which give a better understanding of the recording process and show Jerry's vocal and piano in a slightly brighter light but are, nevertheless, far from perfect.
Finally, we have a selection from some newly-discovered tape boxes mostly dating from late 1959 or early 1960. Another tape in the same batch dates from 1962. The 1959/60 tapes represented Jerry's first venture into the new Sun studio on Madison Avenue. Sam Phillips was at the controls and he mixed down all the instruments to one track of his new four track tape, rewound the tape and then mixed another set of songs onto another track. The third track was left for overdubs and the fourth track was left empty. This splendidly defeated the purpose of multi-track tape but those tapes, sequestered away for over 25 years, allow us to catch the last gasp of the famous Jerry Lee Lewis recording combo comprising Roland Janes on guitar, J.M. Van Eaton on drums and possibly J.W. Brown on bass. More from these sessions can be heard on the Zu-Zazz albums, Keep Your Hands Off It and Don't Drop It!.
This is a pot-pourri for sure, but we get a few tasty additions to the Sun Years boxed set and another welcome glimpse of the genius of Jerry Lee Lewis at, or near, its peak.

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12" Vinyl 1: Jerry Lee Lewis: Feel So Good
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 As Long as I Live (unissued take) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:24
A2 Bonnie B (unissued take) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:25
A3 What'd I Say (unissued version) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:11
A4 Don't Drop It (unissued) Jerry Lee Lewis 1:51
A5 Great Speckled Bird (unissued) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:02
A6 You Can't Help It (I Can't Help It) (unissued version) Jerry Lee Lewis 1:53
A7 Old Black Joe (undubbed and unissued take) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:03
A8 Baby Baby Bye Bye (undubbed and unissued take) Jerry Lee Lewis 1:56
B1 My Blue Heaven (unissued version) Jerry Lee Lewis 1:56
B2 My Blue Heaven (unissued version) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:36
B3 I Feel So Good (I've Been Twisting) (unissued version of Sun 374) Jerry Lee Lewis 3:15
B4 Good Golly Miss Molly (unissued and undubbed take) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:10
B5 Waiting for a Train (unissued version) Jerry Lee Lewis 1:47
B6 I Can't Trust Me (unissued and undubbed take) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:01
B7 I Can't Seem to Say Goodbye (undubbed remix) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:25
B8 Carry Me Back to Old Virginia (undubbed remix) Jerry Lee Lewis 2:30
12" Vinyl 2: The Jackson Connection
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Even Tho' Carl Mann 2:38
A2 Canadian Sunset Carl Mann 2:20
A3 Chinatown My Chinatown Carl Mann 1:58
A4 Because of You Carl Mann 2:07
A5 Baby I Don't Care Eddie Bush 1:47
A6 Eddie's Blues Eddie Bush 1:57
A7 Blue Suede Shoes Tony Austin 2:48
B1 Hambone Rayburn Anthony 2:24
B2 Girls Like You Rayburn Anthony 2:19
B3 Alice Blue Gown Rayburn Anthony 1:57
B4 St. Louis Blues Rayburn Anthony 2:17
B5 There's No Tomorrow Rayburn Anthony 1:47
B6 Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet Rayburn Anthony 3:11
B7 Big Dream Rayburn Anthony 2:13
B8 How Well I Know Rayburn Anthony 2:08
12" Vinyl 3: Keepers of the Flame
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Travelin' Salesman Ray Smith 3:02
A2 I Won't Miss You Ray Smith 2:05
A3 Candy Doll Ray Smith 2:26
A4 Hey Bossman Ray Smith 1:56
A5 Raining the Blues Ernie Barton 2:42
A6 Open the Door Richard Ernie Barton 2:19
A7 Shut Your Mouth Ernie Barton 1:43
A8 Herd of Turtles Ernie Barton 2:34
B1 Little by Little Charlie Rich 2:02
B2 Time and Again Charlie Rich 3:07
B3 Midnight Blues Charlie Rich 2:53
B4 I Wanna Make Sweet Love Jerry McGill 2:19
B5 Honey Bee Don Hinton 1:49
B6 Me and My Blues Teddy Reddell 1:50
B7 Belle of the Suwanee Tracy Pendarvis 2:29
B8 Wait Til Saturday Night Harold Dorman 2:15
B9 Tragedy Thomas Wayne 2:08
12" Vinyl 4: One More Memory
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Satisfied Eddie Bond 1:38
A2 Rockin' Daddy Eddie Bond 1:57
A3 Double Duty Lovin' Eddie Bond 1:38
A4 Back Street Affair Eddie Bond 2:45
A5 I Can't Quit Eddie Bond 1:43
A6 You Nearly Lose Your Mind Eddie Bond 1:50
A7 One More Memory Eddie Bond 2:00
A8 They'll Never Take Her Love From Me Eddie Bond 2:54
A9 My Bucket's Got a Hole in It Eddie Bond 1:46
B1 Guess I'd Better Go Texas Bill Strength 2:09
B2 Call of the Wild Texas Bill Strength 2:11
B3 Drunken Gambler Don Scaife 2:05
B4 Gone and Left Me Blues Jimmy Louis 2:23
B5 I'll Wait Forever Anita Wood 3:00
B6 Shot Out of the Saddle Dane Stinit 2:02
B7 Don't Knock What You Don't Understand Dane Stinit 2:16
B8 Muddy Old River Dane Stinit 1:57
12" Vinyl 5: Betcha Gonna Like It
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Bobaloo Bill Johnson 1:54
A2 You Better Dig It Bill Johnson 2:07
A3 Shake 'em Up Baby Frank Ballard 2:17
A4 No-One to Call Your Own Frank Ballard 3:18
A5 Move on Down the Line Frank Ballard 2:32
A6 If That's the Way It Is (You Better Move on) Frank Ballard 2:48
A7 I See Trouble Down the Road Frank Ballard 2:38
A8 I Just Can't Help It Frank Ballard 2:35
B1 Just Walkin' In the Rain Jeb Stuart 2:38
B2 Coming Down With the Blues Jeb Stuart 2:06
B3 I Betcha Gonna Like It Jeb Stuart 2:35
B4 I'm in Love Again Jeb Stuart 2:42
B5 I Ain't Never Jeb Stuart 1:54
B6 Will I Ever Be Free Jeb Stuart 2:29
B7 All My Weakness The Climates 2:58
B8 No You for Me The Climates 2:21
B9 Breakin' Up Again The Climates 2:35
12" Vinyl 6: Cadillac Man
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Stop, Wait and Listen Bill Yates 2:42
A2 Don't Step on My Dog Bill Yates 2:13
A3 Poison Ivy Billy Adams 2:12
A4 Too Late to Right My Wrong Bill Yates 2:38
A5 Trouble in Mind Billy Adams 2:37
A6 Reconsider Baby Billy Adams 2:53
A7 Big Big World Bill Yates 3:08
A8 Rock Me Baby Billy Adams 2:42
B1 Cadillac Man (1) The Jesters 2:37
B2 My Babe The Jesters 2:26
B3 Night Train From Chicago The Jesters 2:11
B4 Jim Dandy and Sweet 16 The Jesters 2:29
B5 Heartbreak Hotel The Jesters 1:46
B6 Boppin' the Blues The Jesters 1:54
B7 What's So Good About Goodbye Jimmie Day & The Jesters 2:28
B8 Cadillac Man (2) The Jesters 2:43
12" Vinyl 7: Frank, This Is It
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 I'm Tired, My Soul Needs Resting Brother James Anderson 2:20
A2 Gonna Move in the Room With the Lord Brother James Anderson 2:35
A3 Workin' Diggin' Deeper Brother James Anderson 2:41
A4 Hush Hush (Somebody Call My Name) Brother James Anderson 3:25
A5 Nobody's Bloodstains Brother James Anderson 2:46
A6 What Can I Do? Brother James Anderson 2:24
A7 Going Home With Jesus Brother James Anderson 2:16
A8 On My Appointed Time Brother James Anderson 3:43
B1 Jelly Roll King Frank Frost 2:28
B2 Crawl Back Frank Frost 1:58
B3 Take the Pain From My Heart Arbee Stidham 1:59
B4 Please Let It Be Me Arbee Stidham 2:39
B5 My Heart Belongs to You Arbee Stidham 2:01
B6 Can't Live in This World by Myself Arbee Stidham 2:49
B7 Nine Below Zero Cliff Jackson 2:08
B8 Frank, This Is It Cliff Jackson & Jellean Delk 2:28
12" Vinyl 8: Sun International
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Kay Billy Riley 3:13
A2 Lookin' for My Baby Billy Riley 2:14
A3 Pilot Town, LA Billy Riley 2:49
A4 Workin' on the River Billy Riley 2:39
A5 Sun Goin' Down on Frisco Billy Riley 2:14
A6 Nitty Gritty Mississippi Billy Riley 2:21
A7 San Francisco Lady Billy Riley 3:00
A8 Tallahassee Billy Riley 3:17
A9 The Old Home Place Billy Riley 3:16
B1 Will the Circle Be Unbroken Jerry Dyke 4:13
B2 Blackland Farmer Sleepy La Beef 2:16
B3 I'm Ragged but I'm Right Sleepy La Beef 1:38
B4 Stormy Monday Blues Sleepy La Beef 4:22
B5 There Ain't Much Left After Taxes Sleepy La Beef 1:59
B6 Jenny Lee Bobby Lee Trammell 2:01
B7 It's All Your Fault Bobby Lee Trammell 2:26
B8 Memphis Sun Murray Kellum 2:17


12" Vinyl 1: Jerry Lee Lewis: Feel So Good

bass guitar:
Leo Lodner (1960-01-21 – 1960-01-25) (tracks A2, A6)
W.S. 'T-Willie' Stevenson (1960-01-21 – 1960-01-25) (track A4)
Jay W. Brown (1961-06-14) (track B1)
Jimmy Van Eaton (track A4)
Jimmy Van Eaton (1960-01-21 – 1960-01-25) (tracks A2, A6)
Gene Chrisman (1961-06-14) (track B1)
Roland Janes (track A4)
Roland Janes (1960-01-21 – 1960-01-25) (tracks A2, A6)
Brad Suggs (1961-06-14) (track B1)
Johnny 'Ace' Cannon (1961-06-14) (track B1)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll pianist, “The Killer”) (track A4)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll pianist, “The Killer”) (1960-01-21 – 1960-01-25) (tracks A2, A6)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll pianist, “The Killer”) (1961-06-14) (track B1)
Roy Acuff (track A1)
Charles Underwood (track A2)
Hank Williams (country music legend) (track A6)
Ray Charles (soul musician, singer and songwriter) (track A3)
Walter Donaldson (1924) (track B1)
Roy Acuff (track A1)
Charles Underwood (track A2)
Hank Williams (country music legend) (track A6)
George A. Whiting (popular songwriter) (1924) (track B1)
Ray Charles (soul musician, singer and songwriter) (track A3)
Scotty Moore (American guitarist and recording engineer) (track B1)
Sam Phillips (Producer at Sun Records) (tracks A2, A6, B1)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll pianist, “The Killer”) (track A4)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll pianist, “The Killer”) (1960-01-21 – 1960-01-25) (tracks A2, A6)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll pianist, “The Killer”) (1961-06-14) (track B1)
Ray Charles (soul musician, singer and songwriter) (track A3)
phonographic copyright by:
Sun Record Company (1989) (tracks A2, A6, B1)
Chappell & Co. (track A6)
Leo Feist, Inc. (track B1)
Mijac Music (track A3)
Progressive Music (publisher) (track A3)
Warner–Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track A3)
compiled in:
edit of:
Baby Baby Bye Bye (slate & take 1) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track A8)
Don't Drop It (chat & take 1) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track A4)
Good Golly Miss Molly (chat & take 4) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track B4)
Great Speckled Bird (4 false starts, chat & take 1) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track A5)
I Can’t Seem to Say Goodbye (take named (2) on BCD 17254) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track B7)
I've Been Twistin' (slate & take 4) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track B3)
My Blue Heaven (version 2: slate & take 4) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track B2)
Old Black Joe (slate & undubbed master) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track A7)
has remixes:
Old Black Joe (master) by Jerry Lee Lewis with Gene Lowery Singers (track A7)
remix of:
Carry Me Back to Old Virginia (extended master stereo) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track B8)
I've Been Twistin' (slate & take 4 stereo) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track B3)
My Blue Heaven (take named (2.1) on BCD 17254 stereo) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track B1)
My Blue Heaven (version 2 take 4 stereo) by Jerry Lee Lewis (track B2)
cover recording of:
What’d I Say (track A3)
As Long as I Live (1960-01) (track A1)
I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You) (1960-01-21 – 1960-01-25) (track A6)
My Blue Heaven (1961-06-14) (track B1)
later translated versions:
later versions:
Zeg niet nee (track A3)
Är det mitt fel (track A6)
recording of:
Bonnie B (1960-01-21 – 1960-01-25) (track A2)

12" Vinyl 3: Keepers of the Flame

drums (drum set):
James Van Eaton (1959-02-25) (track A6)
Roland Janes (1959-02-25) (track A6)
Billy Lee Riley (1959-02-25) (track A6)
Martin Willis (american saxophonist) (1959-02-25) (track A6)
Charlie Rich (1959-02-25) (track A6)
background vocals:
Billy Lee Riley (1959-02-25) (track A6)
Tracy Pendarvis (track B7)
Jack McVea (track A6)
Dan Howell (track A6)
John Mason ("Spider Bruce", vaudeville comedian) (track A6)
Tracy Pendarvis (track B7)
Ernie Barton (track A6)
Ernie Barton (1959-02-25) (track A6)
recorded at:
Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, United States (1959-02-25) (track A6)
has remixes:
Little by Little (overdubbed by instruments in stereo) by Charlie Rich (track B1)
Midnite Blues (enhanced for stereo using one channel with removed chorus) by Charlie Rich (track B3)
remix of:
Midnite Blues (Sun, mono) by Charlie Rich (track B3)
cover recording of:
Open the Door, Richard (1946 song) (1959-02-25) (track A6)
recording of:

12" Vinyl 5: Betcha Gonna Like It

Johnny Lee Hamilton (track A1)
Johnny Lee Hamilton (track A1)
Buddy Killen (track B3)
Robert Riley (track B3)
recording of:
Bobaloo (track A1)

12" Vinyl 6: Cadillac Man

Smokey Robinson (track B7)
Smokey Robinson (track B7)
cover recording of:

12" Vinyl 8: Sun International

bass guitar:
Bob Moore (U.S. bassist and bandleader) (1970-07-31) (track B2)
Bill Humble (1974-05-16) (tracks B3–B4)
Kenny Buttrey (1970-07-31) (track B2)
Bob Dean (1974-05-16) (tracks B3–B4)
Jerry W. Shook (1970-07-31) (track B2)
Steve S. Singleton (1970-07-31) (track B2)
Chip Young (1970-07-31) (track B2)
Jimmy Dempsey (1974-05-16) (tracks B3–B4)
Sleepy LaBeef (tracks B2–B5)
electric guitar:
Leo Jackson (1974-05-16) (tracks B3–B4)
steel guitar:
Bobby Seymour (1974-05-16) (tracks B3–B4)
‘Pig’ Robbins (1970-07-31) (track B2)
Arlie Ellis (1974-05-16) (tracks B3–B4)
Tom Miglica (1974-05-16) (tracks B3–B4)
Steve S. Singleton (1970-01 – 1971-11) (track B2)
Shelby Singleton (1974-05 – 1976-01) (tracks B3–B5)
solo vocals:
Sleepy LaBeef (tracks B2–B5)
Billy Lee Riley (track A4)
edit of:
recording of: