12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Anarchy in the UK
4 3:36
A2 I Wanna Be Me
A3 God Save the Queen
4 3:24
A4 Did You No Wrong
A5 Pretty Vacant
2 3:20
A6 No Fun
A7 Holidays in the Sun
B1 No One Is Innocent (The Biggest Blow)
B2 My Way
2 4:08
B3 Something Else
2 2:14
B4 Silly Thing
3 2:56
B5 C'mon Everybody
B6 (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
B7 The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle


12" Vinyl 1

Paul Anka (track B2)
Dave Alexander (bassist for The Stooges) (track A6)
Ron Asheton (track A6)
Scott Asheton (track A6)
Eddie Cochran (track B3)
Paul Cook (drummer for the Sex Pistols) (tracks A1, A5)
Claude François (track B2)
Steve Jones (Sex Pistols member) (tracks A1, A5)
John Lydon (tracks A1, A5)
Jacques Revaux (track B2)
Glen Matlock (tracks A1, A5)
Sharon Sheeley (track B3)
Eddie Cochran (track B3)
Paul Cook (drummer for the Sex Pistols) (tracks A1, A5)
Steve Jones (Sex Pistols member) (track A5)
John Lydon (tracks A1, A5)
Paul Anka (track B2)
Glen Matlock (tracks A1, A5)
Sharon Sheeley (track B3)
Ronald Biggs (track B1)
Tommy Boyce (US songwriter of Boyce and Hart) (track B6)
Jerry Capehart (track B5)
Eddie Cochran (track B5)
Paul Cook (drummer for the Sex Pistols) (tracks A2–A4, A7, B4, B7)
Bobby Hart (track B6)
Steve Jones (Sex Pistols member) (tracks A2–A4, A7–B1, B4, B7)
John Lydon (tracks A2–A4, A7)
Sid Vicious (tracks A7, B7)
Glen Matlock (tracks A2–A4)
Rotten Music Ltd (tracks A1, A3, A5, A7)
Stephen Philip Jones (tracks A1, A3, A5, A7)
WCM France (track B2)
Warner/Chappell Music, Ltd. (1996–present) (tracks A1, A3, A5, A7)
株式会社ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (2017-04-01 –) (track B2)
additionally sampled by:
cover recording of:
C’mon Everybody (track B5)
My Way (Frank Sinatra song) (track B2)
No Fun (track A6)
Somethin’ Else (track B3)
later parody versions:
Special Stone (track B6)
later translated versions:
A mi manera (track B2)
Com he fet sempre (track B2)
My Way (A mi manera) (Happy Feet version) (track B2)
Sólo es un sueño (track B3)
later versions:
Comme d’habitude (My Way) (version by Ryan Davies; custom English lyrics) (track B2)
Elle est terrible (Somethin' Else) (track B3)
Waarom (Dutch version of "My Way") (track B2)
recording of:
Anarchy in the U.K. (track A1)
Did You No Wrong (track A4)
God Save the Queen (track A3)
Holidays in the Sun (track A7)
I Wanna Be Me (track A2)
No One Is Innocent (track B1)
Pretty Vacant (track A5)
Silly Thing (track B4)
referred to in medleys:
Swing the Mood (track B5)
version of:
Comme d’habitude (track B2)

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