Quite Operational (Ubiktune digital download)

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Quite Operational is the result of a fascination with the sound and aesthetic of 80s electronic music and science fiction, combined with a healthy love of chipmusic and old video game sounds. While not written with a tracker or on a Gameboy, it was a personal exercise in setting my own limitations and sound palette and seeing where I could go; what imagery I could evoke and where I could take the listener. Above all else, it was an attempt to write something exciting that sounds distinctly my own. It was a freaking blast to create, and I hope you all enjoy taking this trip as much as I did writing it. Cheers!

Big thanks to Ubiktune for welcoming me into their catalog, as well as my many friends and family who gave me feedback and encouragement.

All tracks are written and produced by Gavin Allen.

Album art by Rufus Blacklock (twitter.com/biplaneblues)

Included in the $1+ tier of The Nostalgia Bundle from Groupees.

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Quite Operational
2 Temple
3 Better Living Through Dysgenics
4 The Glow and the Gleam
5 Night Drive
6 Deletion
7 On the Brink
8 Discontinue