Keith Moon quickly deteriorated during this show; I Can't Explain was a bit ragged, but Substitute had him playing tempos all over the place - normal speed, then slow, then fast, then slow... then nothing, as he vomited behind the drum set, collapsed, and fell behind the drums. After he was quickly rushed off the stage, it was announced that he had the flu, and the show was being cancelled pending rescheduling.

According to Pete Townsend in an interview years later, and Tony Fletcher in his biography, "Moon", the official story was flu, but the real story was that Keith was trying not to drink, so the promoters had been ordered by the band to keep alcohol from backstage. So, lacking alchol, Moon took a handful of downers as a substitute for the alcohol - enough such that he quickly passed out.

The replacement show for this date was performed on 1976-04-01.

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Medium 1
# Title Rating Length
1 I Can't Explain
2 Substitute / [announcement]


Medium 1

Pete Townshend (of The Who) (track 1)
Pete Townshend (of The Who) (track 1)
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I Can't Escape (track 1)
later translated versions:
Ezin dut azaldu (track 1)
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I Can’t Explain (track 1)