"Never Again" was written by Swedish singer and songwriter Tomas Ledin. He was already familiar with ABBA because both recorded for the same label and on top of that Tomas toured together with ABBA as a backing-singer in 1979 and 1980.

In Sweden, he was very successful while the rest of Europe was not interested in his music. Stig Anderson the owner of Polar Music believed in the singing-abilities of Tomas and wanted to promote him within whole Europe. When he first heard "Never Again" he thought this song was a good duet. And he also knew who should become Tomas' singing partner. ABBA were in their summer-holidays and member Frida had just recorded an album on her own. Stig thought that Agnetha Fältskog who wasn't involved in any ABBA project at this moment had the right voice for this song.

So Agnetha and Tomas recorded this song together (although they were not together in the studio when both laid down their vocal-tracks). The single was quite successful in European countries like then-West Germany but mostly due to Agnetha's appearance. Tomas Ledin couldn't start an international career so until today this song is his only successful single outside Sweden.

The two also did a Spanish recording entitled "Ya Nunca Más" which was a big hit in Chile and other South American countries.

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7" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Never Again 3:52
2 Just for the Fun 4:32