12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A Paint It Black 2:54
B1 The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness 5 5:09
B2 Moscow Nights 4:32
B3 Loveless Love 5:08
B4 Forces at Work 3 7:08
B5 Raised Eyebrows 3:00


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
Anton Fier (track B4)
drums (drum set) [kit drums]:
Anton Fier (track B2)
drums (drum set) and tom-tom:
Anton Fier (track B5)
drums (drum set) and guitar family:
Glenn Mercer (track B5)
bass guitar:
Keith DeNunzio (track B4)
bass guitar and drums (drum set):
Keith DeNunzio (track B5)
bass guitar, percussion [pipe] and wood block:
Keith DeNunzio (track B2)
claves and guitar family:
Glenn Mercer (track B1)
claves, other instruments [sandpaper] and timbales:
Bill Million (track B1)
guitar and maracas:
Glenn Mercer (track B4)
guitar and snare drum:
Bill Million (track B4)
guitar, tambourine and timbales:
Bill Million (track B2)
Anton Fier (track B1)
snare drum:
Keith DeNunzio (track B1)
bell and guitar:
Bill Million (track B5)
12 string guitar, bell [sleigh bells] and castanets:
Glenn Mercer (track B2)
background vocals:
Bill Million (track B2)
Keith DeNunzio (track B2)
Glenn Mercer (tracks B1–B2, B4–B5)
Bill Million (tracks B1–B2, B4–B5)
lead vocals:
Glenn Mercer (tracks B1–B2)
solo electric guitar [guitar solo]:
Glenn Mercer (track B2)
Glenn Mercer (tracks B4–B5)
Bill Million (tracks B4–B5)
Keith DeNunzio (track B5)
Mick Jagger (track A)
Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist) (track A)
ABKCO Music, Inc. (this is a music publisher; for release labels, please use "ABKCO") (track A)
cover recording of:
Paint It Black (track A)
is the basis for:
Painted Black (track A)
later translated parody versions:
Plaintes en vrac (track A)
later translated versions:
Mustaa (track A)
Rot und schwarz (track A)
recording of:
Forces at Work (track B4)
Moscow Nights (track B2)
Raised Eyebrows (track B5)