CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 You Ten Sharp 4:30
2 I Love Your Smile Shanice 3:48
3 Don’t Talk Just Kiss Right Said Fred 3:13
4 Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me George Michael & Elton John 4:24
5 You Showed Me Salt‐N‐Pepa 3:24
6 Feel So High Des’ree 3:54
7 Love Gives No Guarantee Cecilia Ray 4:24
8 We Got a Love Thang CeCe Peniston 3:43
9 We Will Be Strong John Norum 4:11
10 För hennes ögons skull Tommy Ekman 3:54
11 Stay Shakespears Sister 4 3:48
12 Moln på marken Webstrarna 4:04
13 (Can You) Feel the Passion Blue Pearl 3:40
14 Innocence Deborah Blando 4:13
15 I’m Doing Fine Now The Pasadenas 3:32
16 Send Me an Angel Scorpions 4 4:32
17 Runaway Annette Lindwall 3:06
18 Twilight Zone 2 Unlimited 4:10


CD 1

drums (drum set):
Herman Rarebell (drummer, Germany) (track 16)
bass guitar:
Francis Buchholz (track 16)
bass, guitar, keyboard and membranophone:
Ashley Ingram (track 6)
electric guitar:
Matthias Jabs (track 16)
electric guitar [rhythm guitar]:
Rudolf Schenker (track 16)
Harry Morgan (track 6)
additional producer:
Phil Legg (track 6)
Michael Graves (track 6)
assistant engineer:
Attie Bauw (track 16)
Albert Boekholt (track 16)
Tom Fletcher (Engineer) (track 16)
Shay Baby (track 16)
background vocals:
Jocelyn Brown (track 3)
Elton John (track 4)
Rudolf Schenker (track 16)
Fred Fairbrass (track 3)
Richard Fairbrass (track 3)
Robert Manzoli (track 3)
Keith Olsen (US producer and engineer) (track 16)
Erwin Musper (track 16)
guest keyboard:
Jim Vallance (track 16)
lead vocals:
Klaus Meine (track 16)
Fred Fairbrass (track 3)
Richard Fairbrass (track 3)
Robert Manzoli (track 3)
Klaus Meine (track 16)
Bernie Taupin (track 4)
Phil Legg (track 6)
Keith Olsen (US producer and engineer) (track 16)
Shay Baby (track 16)
Erwin Musper (track 16)
Ashley Ingram (track 6)
Keith Olsen (US producer and engineer) (track 16)
Scorpions (German rock band) (track 16)
Jarvis Baker (track 2)
Gene Clark (US singer-songwriter; founder of The Byrds) (track 5)
Des’ree (track 6)
Marcella Detroit (track 11)
Siobhan Fahey (track 11)
Michael Graves (track 6)
Jean Guiot (composer credits pseudonym of Dave Stewart) (track 11)
Sylvester Jackson (track 2)
Roger McGuinn (track 5)
J. Rollocks (track 18)
C. Meire (Carlos Meire) (track 18)
P. Wilde (Belgian producer Filip De Wilde) (track 18)
J. P. De Coster (track 18)
phonographic copyright by:
Island Def Jam Music Group (use “Island” or “Def Jam Recordings” labels rather than this record company) (1990) (track 16)
BMG Rights Management GmbH (not for release label use!) (track 16)
Big Pig Music Ltd. (track 4)
EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (tracks 2, 11)
Island Music Ltd. (track 11)
MCA Music (not for release label use! this is a music publisher, ASCAP-affiliated) (track 18)
Shanice 4 U Music (track 2)
Tickson Music (track 5)
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group) (track 4)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track 2)
mixed at:
recorded at:
Ven a mi (translated) (track 11)
cover recording of:
You Showed Me (track 5)
later parody versions:
Why Isn't Howard Stern On TV (parody version for Howard Stern show) (track 4)
later translated versions:
I Love Your Smile (track 2)
recording of:
Feel So High (track 6)
I Love Your Smile (track 2)
Send Me an Angel (Scorpions song) (track 16)
Stay (track 11)
Twilight Zone (track 18)

Release Group

part of:Radio City Hits (number: 3)
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