Ongoing series of releases, roughly one track per month. All tracks released in 2019.

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Digital Media 1
1KnightlifeZoë Blade1:49
2Late Knight
Zoë Blade2:58
Zoë Blade2:39
Zoë Blade3:11
5CosyZoë Blade3:28
recording of:
Winter (Abridged electronic derivative of Vivaldi's Winter)
arrangement of:
Concerto in F minor, op. 8 no. 4, RV 297 “L’inverno”: I. Allegro non molto
Zoë Blade0:49
7Winter Rave
remix of:
Winter by Zoë Blade
Zoë Blade1:07
8Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
recording of:
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Shortened, simplified, synthesised version)
is based on:
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Zoë Blade0:55
9Growing Pain
Zoë Blade2:38
10Logic Bomb
Zoë Blade feat. Aisha Ricketts3:26
11Turtles All the Way Down
Zoë Blade2:33
12Gymnopédie 1
Zoë Blade1:52
13Drum Nudge
Zoë Blade2:27
14Where It Began
Zoë Blade2:27
Zoë Blade2:50
16Flashlights and Kilobytes
Zoë Blade3:18
17Logic Bomb .STUXXZoë Blade feat. Aisha Ricketts5:09
18Tooling Up (105 mix)
Zoë Blade1:30
19Dead Moth
Zoë Blade1:47
20Moth Celebration
Zoë Blade1:07
21Final Flight
Zoë Blade0:38
22Without You
Zoë Blade5:02
23Weary and FleetingZoë Blade1:34
24Excited Yet Fleeting
Zoë Blade1:32
25Los Angeles to Andromeda
Zoë Blade12:01
Zoë Blade4:11
27Losing ControlZoë Blade feat. Finlay Shakespeare3:31
28The Darkest Day (original mix)Zoë Blade4:06



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