I have the remastered version in front of me, where the titles are indeed like "Birdy's Flight (From Not One of Us)".

If I recall correctly (and I found an Amazon release that seems to confirm it), the original CD did only mention titles this way: "Birdy's Flight" etc. (I remember having had fun guessing the original versions).

Can anyone confirm that ?

And if so, should we:

  • revert to the original names (without the "(from ...)") ?
  • add another release ?
  • do nothing ?


Discogs references to original 1985 UK Charisma CAS CD 1167 release:
include original names, some with the Extra Title Information "(from ...)".

-- rossetyler

I have the 1985 Charisma (UK) vinyl release, and it lists the "from origin track" for five of the tracks, as shown. There's also a sleeve note by Peter Gabriel that includes this para, "For those people that know my records, I have included (in brackets) the titles which have been obviously raided. I do not wish anyone to be deceived by the sleeve. However, I am not revealing all my sources. I leave that for your detection."

So I think I vote for the "do nothing" option.

-- davidjennings

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 At Night 2:46
2 Floating Dogs 3:02
3 Quiet and Alone 2:35
4 Close Up (from Family Snapshot) 0:56
5 Slow Water 2:54
6 Dressing the Wound 4:11
7 Birdy’s Flight (from Not One of Us) 3:03
8 Slow Marimbas 3:25
9 The Heat (from The Rhythm of the Heat) 4:47
10 Sketchpad With Trumpet and Voice 3:09
11 Under Lock and Key (from Wallflower) 2:28
12 Powerhouse at the Foot of the Mountain (from San Jacinto) 2:25


CD 1

Peter Gabriel (tracks 4, 7, 9, 11–12)
David Stallbaumer (tracks 1–12)
Peter Gabriel (tracks 1–3, 5–6, 8, 10)
engineered at:
is based on:
Wallflower (track 11)
recording of:
At Night (track 1)
Birdy’s Flight (track 7)
Close Up (track 4)
Dressing the Wound (track 6)
Floating Dogs (track 2)
Quiet and Alone (track 3)
Slow Marimbas (track 8)
Slow Water (track 5)
The Heat (track 9)
Under Lock and Key (track 11)
version of:
Family Snapshot (track 4)
Not One of Us (track 7)
San Jacinto (track 12)