12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Hold My Life
4 4:22
A2 I'll Buy
3 3:25
A3 Kiss Me on the Bus
4 2:55
A4 Dose of Thunder
3 2:19
A5 Waitress in the Sky
3 2:03
A6 Swingin Party
4 3:51
B1 Bastards of Young
4 3:38
B2 Lay It Down Clown
3 2:25
B3 Left of the Dial
5 3:44
B4 Little Mascara
4 3:37
B5 Here Comes a Regular
4 4:45


12" Vinyl 1

background vocals:
Alex Chilton (track B3)
Paul Westerberg (tracks A1–A3, A5–B5)
Paul Westerberg (tracks A1–A3, A5–B5)
Chris Mars (track A4)
Tommy Stinson (track A4)
Paul Westerberg (track A4)
Nah Music (tracks A1–A3, A5, B1–B4)
recording of:
Bastards of Young (track B1)
Dose of Thunder (track A4)
Hold My Life (track A1)
I'll Buy (track A2)
Kiss Me on the Bus (track A3)
Lay It Down Clown (track B2)
Left of the Dial (track B3)
Little Mascara (track B4)
Swingin' Party (track A6)
Waitress in the Sky (track A5)


remastered versions: Tim
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