CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Overture 1:04
2 A Bar in Amsterdam 2:58
3 Demon Kitty Rag 4:00
4 Tea With Cinnamon 4:22
5 Hey Ho on the Devil’s Back 3:50
6 Wading in Deeper 4:00
7 Le Pop 2:42
8 Der Kapitän 2:42
9 Virginia Clemm 4:13
10 Play My Darling Play 3:47
11 To the Sea 2:22
12 Mother Superior 4:07
13 Ain’t No Thang 4:23


CD 1

acoustic guitar:
Anne Marit Bergheim (tracks 2, 7)
Gjertrud Økland (track 11)
glockenspiel and membranophone:
Solveig Heilo (tracks 1, 4)
glockenspiel, membranophone, percussion [garbage can] and trumpet:
Solveig Heilo (track 8)
mellotron and piano:
Marianne Sveen (track 9)
Anne Marit Bergheim (tracks 9–10)
Turid Jørgensen (track 12)
mandolin and membranophone:
Turid Jørgensen (track 11)
mandolin and zither [harpeleik]:
pipe organ:
Marianne Sveen (track 6)
Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim (tracks 8–9, 12)
Solveig Heilo (track 7)
membranophone, percussion [cookie jars] and zither:
Solveig Heilo (track 5)
guitar and percussion [beer bottle, wall, floor]:
Marianne Sveen (track 13)
guitar and piano:
Marianne Sveen (track 1)
guitar, harmonica, membranophone, percussion [cookie jars] and washboard:
Solveig Heilo (track 10)
guitar, ukulele and zither [harpeleik]:
Marianne Sveen (track 4)
Turid Jørgensen (track 10)
banjo and sitar:
Jørgen Sandvik (track 13)
banjo, membranophone and percussion:
Marianne Sveen (track 2)
tack piano and zither [harpeleik]:
Solveig Heilo (tracks 8, 11–12)
percussion [accordion case] and washboard:
Solveig Heilo (track 13)
percussion and trumpet:
Solveig Heilo (track 2)
percussion, tack piano and zither [harpeleik]:
Solveig Heilo (track 6)
domra and percussion:
Solveig Heilo (track 3)
domra, mandolin, piano and reed organ [pump organ]:
Stroh violin [trumpet violin]:
Gjertrud Økland (track 9)
Anne Marit Bergheim (track 12)
Turid Jørgensen (track 3)
Marianne Sveen (track 8)
piano and pipe organ:
Marianne Sveen (track 7)
piano and tack piano:
Marianne Sveen (track 11)
Anne Marit Bergheim (tracks 1, 11)
Turid Jørgensen (track 9)
Odd Nordstoga (track 2)
Marianne Sveen (track 12)
accordion and mellotron:
accordion and pipe organ:
accordion and percussion [cardboard box]:
Turid Jørgensen (track 13)
accordion, mandolin and percussion [wall, door, bottle]:
Anne Marit Bergheim (track 13)
grand piano, piano and tack piano:
Marianne Sveen (track 5)
balalaika [contrabass balalaika]:
Turid Jørgensen (tracks 1–2, 4, 8)
Marianne Sveen (track 3)
balalaika [contrabass balalaika] and mandolin:
Turid Jørgensen (track 6)
balalaika [contrabass balalaika] and percussion [cookie jars]:
Solveig Heilo (track 12)
balalaika [contrabass balalaika] and percussion [thunder]:
Turid Jørgensen (track 5)
balalaika [contrabass balalaika] and theremin:
Turid Jørgensen (track 7)
balalaika [contrabass balalaika] and piano:
Marianne Sveen (track 10)
balalaika [contrabass balalaika], glockenspiel and musical box [music box]:
Solveig Heilo (track 9)
balalaika [contrabass balalaika], percussion [cookie jars] and tuba:
Solveig Heilo (track 11)
Mike Hartung (tracks 1–13)
Katzenjammer (Norwegian band from Oslo) (tracks 1–13)
Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim (tracks 1–13)
Solveig Heilo (track 9)
Hasse Rosbach (track 11)
Anne Marit Bergheim (tracks 1, 6, 8)
Solveig Heilo (tracks 9, 12)
Mats Rybø (tracks 2–7, 10–11)
Marianne Sveen (track 13)
lead vocals:
Anne Marit Bergheim (tracks 10–11)
Solveig Heilo (tracks 2, 9)
Turid Jørgensen (tracks 7, 12)
Marianne Sveen (tracks 3–5, 13)
Mats Rybø (tracks 2–7, 9–12)
Marianne Sveen (track 13)
Kato Ådland (track 13)
Anne Marit Bergheim (tracks 3, 7–8)
Solveig Heilo (tracks 3, 6–8)
Turid Jørgensen (tracks 3, 6, 8)
Marianne Sveen (tracks 6–8)
music videos:
recording of:
A Bar in Amsterdam (track 2)
Ain’t No Thang (track 13)
Demon Kitty Rag (track 3)
Der Kapitän (track 8)
Le Pop (track 7)
Mother Superior (track 12)
Overture (track 1)
Tea With Cinnamon (track 4)
To the Sea (track 11)
Virginia Clemm (track 9)
Wading in Deeper (track 6)


design/illustration:Kaja Heilo
Sandrine Pagnoux
photography:Sophie Etchart
Per Olav Heimstad
mixer, producer and recording engineer:Mike Hartung
Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim
assistant engineer:Hasse Rosbach
mastering:Mike Hartung