Apparently originally released as "A Christmas Gift For You (from Philles Records)" then later re-issued on the Warner/Spektor and Pavillion labels throughout the 70s and 80s as "Phil Spector's Christmas Album". The Abkco CD re-release was the first to use the title "A Christmas Gift For You (From Phil Spector)" (where text in brackets signify much smaller type for the subtitle).

Label: Rhino / Phil Spector Intl Records - Catalog #: RNCD 70235 - UPC #: 8122-70235-2

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 White Christmas
Darlene Love 2:57
A2 Frosty the Snowman
The Ronettes 2:17
A3 The Bells of St. Mary
Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans 2:52
A4 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
The Crystals 3:27
A5 Sleigh Ride
The Ronettes 3:04
A6 Marshmallow World
Darlene Love 2:28
B1 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
The Ronettes 2:42
B2 Rudolph the Red‐Nosed Reindeer
The Crystals 2:34
B3 Winter Wonderland
Darlene Love 2:27
B4 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
The Crystals 2:58
B5 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Darlene Love 2:46
B6 Here Comes Santa Claus
Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans 2:08
B7 Silent Night
Phil Spector and Artists 2:10


12" Vinyl 1

Felix Bernard (track B3)
Tommie Connor (track B1)
Johnny Marks (American songwriter) (track B2)
Franz Xaver Gruber (1818) (track B7)
Léon Jessel (1897) (track B4)
A. Emmett Adams (1917) (track A3)
J. Fred Coots (1932) (track A4)
Irving Berlin (1938 – 1940) (track A1)
Leroy Anderson (1948) (track A5)
Peter de Rose (1949) (track A6)
Tommie Connor (track B1)
Johnny Marks (American songwriter) (track B2)
Richard B. Smith (wrote lyrics to "Winter Wonderland") (track B3)
Josef Mohr (1816) (track B7)
Douglas Furber (1917) (track A3)
Ballard MacDonald (1922) (track B4)
Haven Gillespie (1932) (track A4)
Irving Berlin (1938 – 1940) (track A1)
Carl Sigman (1949) (track A6)
Mitchell Parish (1950) (track A5)
Phil Spector (tracks A1–B7)
John Freeman Young (1859) (track B7)
Gene Autry (track B6)
Jeff Barry (track B5)
Ellie Greenwich (track B5)
Oakley Haldeman (track B6)
Steve Nelson (US songwriter who co-wrote "Frosty the Snowman") (track A2)
Walter E. Rollins (track A2)
Phil Spector (track B5)
ABKCO Music, Inc. (this is a music publisher; for release labels, please use "ABKCO") (track B5)
Copyright Control (not for release label use! this is only for copyrights and publishing relationships) (track A1)
EMI Music (do not use as release label! this is a music publisher) (track B3)
Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd. (tracks A4, B3)
Herman Music, Inc. (track B1)
Leo Feist, Inc. (track A4)
Malt Shoppe Music (track B5)
Redwood Music Ltd. (track B3)
Remick Music Corp. (track B6)
Steeplechase Music (track B5)
WB Music Corp. (track B3)
Warner/Chappell Music, Ltd. (1996–present) (track A1)
Irving Berlin Music Company (1940 –) (track A1)
Here Comes Santa Claus (arr. Ployhar) (track B6)
Silent Night (arr. Rutter) (track B7)
Silent Night (arr. Rose) (track B7)
Silent Night, Holy Night (arranged by Malcolm Sargent) (track B7)
cover recording of:
A Marshmallow World (track A6)
Frosty the Snowman (track A2)
Silent Night (track B7)
Sleigh Ride (track A5)
The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (ballad) (track B4)
White Christmas (track A1)
Winter Wonderland (track B3)
has revision:
is the basis for:
Holy Night (track B7)
Jul - Det’ cool (track A5)
later parody versions:
Silent Night (track B7)
Silent Night (track B7)
later translated parody versions:
later translated versions:
Atnāk Santa Klauss (track B6)
Petteri Punakuono (track B2)
Rap jul (track A1)
Rekiretki (track A5)
Santa Klauss nāk (track A4)
Snømannen Kalle (track A2)
Talven ihmemaa (track B3)
Tähtiin (track B5)
Valkea joulu (track A1)
Winter Wonderland (track B3)
そりすべり (track A5)
サンタクロースがやってくる (Hiroshi Unno Translation) (track B6)
サンタクロースがやってくる (Rokurō Akashi’s translation) (track B6)
サンタクロースがやってくる (Teiko Mizuno’s translation) (track B6)
later versions:
Nikolaus-Lied (track A4)
Silent Night (Lindner version) (track B7)
Silent Night (Elvis Presley version) (track B7)
Weiße Weihnacht (track A1)
Winter Wunderwelt (track B3)
recording of:
referred to in medleys:
Mix 4 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track A1)
Megamix 1 (It Must Be Christmas) (tracks A4, B3)
Megamix 2 (It Must Be Christmas) (track B7)
Megamix 3 (It Must Be Christmas) (tracks A2, A4–A5, B2–B3, B6)
Mix 2 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (tracks A2, A4, B1–B3)
Polarlufteinbruch (tracks A2, B3)
Mix 3 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track B7)
Noëls pour cordes (track B7)
translated version of:
version of:
Sleigh Ride (original instrumental version) (track A5)


arranger: Jack Nitzsche
engineer: Larry Levine
producer: Phil Spector
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