Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 It's All Over Now Charlie Feathers ?:??
A2 Trinquons Fenelus & Cleveland Sonnier ?:??
A3 Go Way From My Window JJ Niles ?:??
A4 Troubles Trails Tribulations Ec & Orna Ball ?:??
A5 Fool Dick Lewis ?:??
A6 Even Though You Belong to Somebody Else Floyd Pooyak ?:??
A7 The Redwood Cabin Paul Jackson ?:??
A8 Love Bird Ann Jones ?:??
A9 I've Got Somebody New Ginny Wright ?:??
A10 My Suspicious Heart Joy Layne ?:??
A11 I'll Wait Betty Johnson ?:??
A12 Six ans sur la mer Elita, Mary & Ella Hoffpauir ?:??
B1 Dig Me a Hole Hal Willis ?:??
B2 Windows Have Panes Wes Buchanan ?:??
B3 Feeling Satisfied Joe Bradley & Ray Vandell ?:??
B4 Pingua Charlie Adams ?:??
B5 God Bless All Robin Gibb ?:??
B6 Storms Are on the Ocean Jean & Doc ?:??
B7 You Never Mentioned Him to Me The Lonesome Pine Gospel Singers ?:??
B8 Swing Your Own Thing Rev. Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick & The Hearts ?:??
B9 Watching Love Grow Western Boogie Express ?:??
B10 It's Too Late for Cryin' Sterling Blythe ?:??
B11 Two Robes Phipps Family ?:??