Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Stuck on Amber (original mix)
The Boo Radleys 5:25
A2 Haunted by You (live)
Gene 3:27
A3 Perfect Day (Martinijuana mix)
EMF 3:36
A4 Seeperbold
Stereolab 5:05
A5 Magnetic Shield Dub (Protection)
Massive Attack 4:00
A6 It's Wrong of You to Breed
Sleeper 2:58
A7 Just Like Me
The Steamboat Band 5:53
A8 Higher
Whiteout 3:24
B1 Stay (Faraway So Close) (Underdog mix)
U2 6:44
B2 Nothing to Be Done
Teenage Fanclub 3:00
B3 Spread Your Wings (Pure Phase)
Spiritualized Electric Mainline 8:14
B4 Late Gate Show
Marion 4:00
B5 Worn Away
McAlmont 4:22
B6 Incidental Harmony
Global Communication 8:34


Cassette 1

Tim Gane (track A4)
Gene (UK alternative rock quartet) (track A2)
Lætitia Sadier (track A4)
U2 (Irish rock band) (track B1)
Martin Carr (track A1)
Gene (UK alternative rock quartet) (track A2)
Bono (singer of U2) (track B1)
Martin Carr (track A1)
live recording of:
Haunted by You (track A2)
recording of:
Seeperbold (track A4)
Sread Your Wings (track B3)
Stuck on Amber (track A1)