12" Vinyl 1: Meliora
# Title Rating Length
A1 Spirit
4 5:15
A2 From the Pinnacle to the Pit
5 4:03
A3 Cirice
5 6:02
A4 Spöksonat
3 0:56
A5 He Is
4 4:13
B1 Mummy Dust
4 4:07
B2 Majesty
4 5:24
B3 Devil Church
3 1:06
B4 Absolution
4 4:51
B5 Deus in Absentia
4 5:38
10" Vinyl 2: Zenith
# Title Rating Length
C1 Zenith
D1 Cirice (radio edit)


12" Vinyl 1: Meliora

Andy Wallace (tracks A1–B5)
Klas Åhlund (tracks A1–B5)
A Ghoul Writer (unknown writer for Ghost) (tracks A1–B5)
Indio Marcato (track B4)
Klas Åhlund (tracks A3, B4)
BMG Gold Songs (track B4)
Klas Åhlund Publishing AB (tracks A3, B4)
Papastrello Songs (tracks A3, B4)
recording of:
Absolution (track B4)
Cirice (track A3)
Deus in Absentia (track B5)
Devil Church (track B3)
He Is (track A5)
Majesty (track B2)
Mummy Dust (track B1)
Spirit (track A1)
Spöksonat (track A4)