''In Narada's 15-year history, no single instrument has more clearly expressd our musical vision than the piano. Its vast scope and orchestral capabilities have allowed it to encompass a sweeping vista of music endowed with the beauty and spirit that characterizes our wide ranging repertoire. Over the years -- from David Lanz and Michael Jones to Bradley Joseph -- Narada's music has found its most eloquent expression in the hands of highly gifted pianists.

The piano leads the way in these far-reaching endeavors. It is the composer's instrument of choice, comprising the fundamental elements of melody, harmony, and rhythm. If music can be set to paper it can be played on the piano, expressing jazz, swing, blues, classical -- and certainly new age music, in which the very sound of the piano is a trademark.

As the artists on this album are quick to point out, the instrument itself has no personality. It is a siimple physical fact that the artist animates the instrument. But the unique mystery of piano is the individuality which emanates from the same instrument in different hands. The mechanisms are constant -- keys and pedals remain the same, and behind the gleaming wood the same hammers strike the same strings. Yet with each pianist we hear different tones and timbres, and identifiably personal music.

Sylistic and technical variations offer only a partial explanation. The human element explains the rest -- no other instrument so readily accepts all that the player can bring to it''.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Prelude: First Snow
Michael Gettel 3:05
2 Summer's Child
David Lanz 6:14
3 Portraits
Spencer Brewer 4:33
4 Song for Eia
Michael Jones 8:53
5 A Gift of the Sea
Wayne Gratz 6:56
6 Gentle Earth and Sky
Michael Gettel 5:23
7 Heartsounds
David Lanz 2:40
8 For You
Kostia 5:13
9 Cinderella
Spencer Brewer 3:05
10 The Teacher
Brian Mann 4:05
11 Farewell
Kostia 6:23
CD 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Mexican Memories
Michael Jones 8:07
2 Long Way From Home
David Arkenstone 3:53
3 Courage of the Wind
David Lanz 7:37
4 Blue Ridge, Part 2
Wayne Gratz 4:28
5 Soliloquy
Michael Whalen 4:18
6 The Last Roundup
Richard Souther 2:50
7 Aspen Summer
Michael Jones 8:32
8 Sacred Dance
Ira Stein 4:51
9 Stray
Bradley Joseph 6:04
10 Spirit
Brian Mann 5:31
11 The Shape of Her Face
Michael Whalen 4:28



additional performer: Bradley Joseph
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