Massacre released this through it's division Swanlake Records; the latter is mentioned on the package, but the label code is Massacre's, as is the catalog number. The cover also bears the catalog number "IRS 972.444", and the logo of EMI; this is probably the distributor.

Thank you notes, copied verbatim from the case sleeve:

Frank would like to thank Tone Bue, friends & family.
Hein Frode wishes to thank Margrethe W. Fossan, family and true friends.
Tommy would like to thank Cathrine Finnestad, Elusive, Tristania, Cleo, Salomon & the 3 Musketeers, Gibbe, friends & family.
Raymond would like to extend gratitude to Tone Sleveland, Rommel the Rat, Kommissar Rex, friends & family.
Liv would like to thank Alex & Yasmin Krull, Günther Illi, Roberto, Teddy & Co., Katja, Sarah Jane, all at Massacre Records, friends & family.
Eirik would like to thank Tone Beathe Frafjord, Instrumentservice, Darth Vader, friends & family.
Lorentz would like to thank Berit Grødem, Gisella the Dog, friends & family. May you love me forever.

Moreover, Theatre of Tragedy wishes to gratify the following for invaluable friendship and help: Kalle, Sven Dohnert, Heidi & Gisela Martin, Thomas Siegfried Zwirner and Andreas Ölke.

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Cassandra
4.5 6:49
A2 Lorelei
4.5 5:38
A3 Angélique
4.5 5:46
A4 Aœde
4 6:11
B1 Siren
4.5 7:31
B2 Venus
4.5 5:33
B3 Poppæa
2.5 5:48
B4 Bacchante
4.5 6:43