12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Power Stupid
Casper & the Cookies 2:36
A2 Doctor
Cars Can Be Blue 2:11
A3 I'm a Cat
Werewolves 2:47
A4 Grey
Witches 3:04
A5 Living the Dream
The Arcs 2:55
Quiet Hooves 2:53
A7 Julia, of the Sun Mud
Tunabunny 2:36
B1 Barbie
American Cheeseburger 0:56
B2 Theresa's Sound-World
Dead Confederate 5:39
B3 We Wanted All the Girls
Twin Tigers 3:31
B4 Don't Think About Death
The Humms 3:33
B5 Hollywood Cemetary
Dead Dog 2:18
B6 August Comes Again
Titans Of Filth 1:45
B7 Paris Effect
Supercluster 3:45
B8 Wuxtry Jingle
Meringue & Malice 0:31