12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 My Fist Smells Like Graveyard
Funeral Diner 4:29
A2 We Don't Belong in Concrete
Funeral Diner 2:58
A3 The Nightbuilders
Funeral Diner 3:20
A4 Sleeping Boy the Paranoid
Funeral Diner 5:51
A5 Journeyman
Funeral Diner 3:07
B1 Escapism
Staircase 3:22
B2 In Regards
Staircase 2:36
B3 Paper Weight
Staircase 4:37
B4 Site of a Train Wreck
Staircase 1:39
B5 This Phone Line That Stretches
Staircase 6:45