Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Femmes Aux Yeux d'Argile
Bene Gesserit 4:07
A2 Be Careful!
Subject 2:14
A3 Nobody Can Know
Bene Gesserit 2:46
A4 One-Way Conversation, Part 1
Human Flesh 5:15
A5 On Protège Bien Les Requins
Bene Gesserit 5:14
A6 Surrounding (Extract 1)
Pseudo Code 4:47
B1 Cortex R
Cortex 2:10
B2 Tonight
Bene Gesserit 4:36
B3 Delon Enlarges
Human Flesh 2:54
B4 Every Ill Man
Human Flesh 2:40
B5 Khôl
Bene Gesserit 2:07
B6 The Crook Of Your Heart
Pseudo Code 8:29