CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 TNT 7:33
2 Swung From the Gutters 5:53
3 Ten-Day Interval 4:45
4 I Set My Face to the Hillside 6:09
5 The Equator 3:43
6 A Simple Way to Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work 3:34
7 The Suspension Bridge at Iguazú Falls 5:38
8 Four-Day Interval 4:45
9 In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men 7:29
10 Almost Always Is Nearly Enough 2:42
11 Jetty 8:22
12 Everglade 4:22


CD 1

Dan Bitney (tracks 1–12)
John Herndon (tracks 1–12)
Douglas McCombs (tracks 1–12)
John McEntire (musician, producer and recording engineer) (tracks 1–12)
David Pajo (tracks 1–12)
Jeff Parker (US jazz and rock guitarist, member of Tortoise) (tracks 1–12)
has remixes:
recording of:
Everglade (track 12)
Four-Day Interval (track 8)
Jetty (track 11)
TNT (track 1)
Ten-Day Interval (track 3)
The Equator (track 5)
version of:
La Jeteé (track 11)


mixer and recording engineer:John McEntire (musician, producer and recording engineer) (from 1996-11 until 1997-11)
additional programming:Dan Bitney
John Herndon
editor:John McEntire (musician, producer and recording engineer)
mastering:Roger Seibel (mastering engineer)
additional guest bassoon:Caitlin Horsmon
additional guest cello:Popahna Brandes
additional guest cornet:Rob Mazurek (American cornet / trumpet player)
additional guest trombone:Sara P. Smith (US trombonist)
additional guest violin:Julie Liu
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ASIN:DE: B000024XRA [info]