Track CD-6 is a hidden track and features a cappella after a couple of minutes of silence.

Drums, bass & rhythm guitars recorded Sonic Pump Studios.
Vocals recorded in various rehearsal places in Helsinki, Finland.
Melody guitars & solos and acoustic guitars recorded at Jari Mäenpää's home studio.
Orchestrations & synths programmed at Jari Mäenpää's home studio.

Catalog number on back cover: NB 2106-0.
Catalog number on spine: 27361 21060.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 When Time Fades Away 4:08
2 Sons of Winter and Stars: I. Rain of Stars / II. Surrounded by Darkness / III. Journey Inside a Dream / IV. Sons of Winter and Stars 13:31
3 Land of Snow and Sorrow 8:22
4 Darkness and Frost 2:22
5 Time 11:45
6 [unknown] 3:50
DVD-Video 2
# Title Rating Length
1 Time I (live rehearsals at Sonic Pump Studios) ?:??
2 Licks & Tricks ?:??
3 Sons of Winter and Stars (project demonstration) ?:??


CD 1

bass guitar:
Jukka Koskinen (bassist) (tracks 1–5)
Kai Hahto (tracks 1–5)
Teemu Mäntysaari (tracks 1–5)
Jari Mäenpää (tracks 1–5)
additional choir vocals:
Teemu Mäntysaari (track 2)
additional choir vocals and other vocals:
Jukka Koskinen (bassist) (track 2)
additional guest choir vocals:
Sami Hinkka (track 2)
Heri Joensen (track 2)
Mathias Nygård (track 2)
Mikko Salovaara (track 2)
Markus Toivonen (Finnish guitarist; member of Ensiferum) (track 2)
Olli Vänskä (track 2)
additional guest other vocals:
Alpha Valtias (tracks 2, 5)
additional other vocals:
Jukka Koskinen (bassist) (track 5)
additional producer:
Kai Hahto (tracks 1–5)
Nino Laurenne (tracks 1–5)
Teemu Mäntysaari (tracks 1–5)
Jukka Koskinen (bassist) (tracks 1–5)
Jari Mäenpää (tracks 1–6)
Jari Mäenpää (tracks 2–3, 5–6)
Jari Mäenpää (tracks 1–6)
Jari Mäenpää (tracks 1–6)
Jari Mäenpää (tracks 2–3, 5)
partial recording of:
recording of:
Darkness and Frost (track 4)
Time (track 5)