This bootleg was mentioned in the liner notes to the remastered version of ELO's first album as only existing within a private collection - this is that bootleg. It has been released into trading circles since the remastered version of that album was released.
This is the only known complete concert bootleg which includes Roy Wood in the lineup.
Dear Elaine was never officially released by the Electric Light Orchestra, though Roy Wood did separately release it officially.


Jeff Lynne
Roy Wood
Bev Bevan
Steve Woolam
Bill Hunt


Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis

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Medium 1
# Title Rating Length
1 10538 Overture
2 Queen of the Hours
3 From the Sun to the World (Boogie # 1)
4 First Movement (Jumping Biz)
5 Dear Elaine
6 Great Balls of Fire
7 In Old England Town (Boogie # 2)


Medium 1

Roy Wood (track 4)
Jeff Lynne (tracks 1–3, 7)
Roy Wood (track 4)
Jeff Lynne (tracks 1–3, 7)
Otis Blackwell (track 6)
Jack Hammer (Earl Burroughs, co-wrote Great Balls of Fire) (track 6)
later versions:
live cover recording of:
live recording of:
10538 Overture (track 1)
First Movement (track 4)
Queen of the Hours (track 2)
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