CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 American Pie
Don McLean 4.5 8:30
2 I Got a Name
Jim Croce 3 3:09
3 Too Late to Turn Back Now
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose 5 3:20
4 Rock Me Gently
Andy Kim 3:28
5 I Wanna Be With You
The Raspberries 3:05
6 Clap for the Wolfman
The Guess Who 3 4:15
7 Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me
Elton John 3.25 5:33
8 Tin Man (Live)
America 3:30
9 You Sexy Thing
Hot Chocolate 3.5 3:30
10 Ballroom Blitz
The Sweet 4:01


CD 1

acoustic guitar and electric guitar:
Davey Johnstone (track 7)
drums (drum set):
Nigel Olsson (track 7)
bass guitar:
Dee Murray (track 7)
David Hentschel (track 7)
Elton John (track 7)
bell and tambourine:
Ray Cooper (percussionist) (track 7)
horn arranger:
Del Newman (British conductor, orchestrator, arranger) (track 7)
additional vocals arranger:
Daryl Dragon (track 7)
background vocals:
Billy Hinsche (track 7)
Toni Tennille (track 7)
Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) (track 7)
Bruce Johnston (track 7)
Dewey Bunnell (track 8)
Charles Fox (film/TV composer, also Latin pianist) (track 2)
Elton John (track 7)
Andy Kim (track 4)
Don McLean (track 1)
Clive Franks (track 7)
lead vocals:
Elton John (track 7)
Dewey Bunnell (track 8)
Norman Gimbel (track 2)
Andy Kim (track 4)
Don McLean (track 1)
Bernie Taupin (track 7)
Don McLean (track 1)
Gus Dudgeon (track 7)
Ed Freeman (track 1)
Jack Richardson (track 6)
recording engineer:
Brian Christian (track 6)
spoken vocals:
Wolfman Jack (track 6)
Jim Croce (1973-06-06) (track 2)
vocals arranger:
Bruce Johnston (track 7)
Errol Brown (track 9)
Mike Chapman (Australian producer and songwriter) (track 10)
Nicky Chinn (track 10)
Burton Cummings (track 6)
Bill Wallace (of The Guess Who) (track 6)
Tony Wilson (bassist/songwriter, member of Hot Chocolate) (track 9)
Kurt Winter (track 6)
phonographic copyright by:
RCA Records (not for release label use! for the imprint, please use “RCA” instead) (1974) (track 6)
Big Pig Music Ltd. (track 7)
MCA Music (not for release label use! this is a music publisher, ASCAP-affiliated) (track 1)
Universal (plain logo: "Universal") (track 1)
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group) (track 7)
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (Hong Kong/China subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group) (track 1)
Universal Records (1996–2005 American pop label – “RECORDS” must be a part of the logo!) (track 1)
Warner‐Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track 2)
Wee Mac Music (track 6)
B.L.C. Ltd (1974) (track 6)
Walrus-Moore Music Ltd (1974) (track 6)
recorded at:
karaoke versions:
American Pie by [unknown] (track 1)
sampled by:
later parody versions:
Barroom Hitz (track 10)
Parable Guy (track 1)
The Saga Begins (Parody) (track 1)
Why Isn't Howard Stern On TV (parody version for Howard Stern show) (track 7)
later translated versions:
Pourquoi pas moi (track 2)
Scharfes Ding (track 9)
later versions:
Feu de paille (track 1)
recording of:
American Pie (track 1)
Rock Me Gently (track 4)
Tin Man (track 8)
You Sexy Thing (track 9)
Ballroom Blitz (1973) (track 10)
I Got a Name (1973-06-06) (track 2)


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