CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Walking Away Craig David 3:23
2 Holler (radio edit) Spice Girls 2 3:54
3 Body II Body Samantha Mumba 4:00
4 Out of Your Mind (radio edit) True Steppers and Dane Bowers feat. Victoria Beckham 3:24
5 I Sings (radio edit without rap) Mary Mary feat. BBJ 3:43
6 Incomplete (Stargate radio mix) Sisqo 3:43
7 Everytime You Need Me (2 Step mix) Fragma feat. Maria Rubia 4:29
8 Case of the Ex (radio edit) Mya 3:53
9 Rise (Artful Dodger Above Board vox mix) Gabrielle 4:59
10 All Good? (radio edit) De La Soul feat. Chaka Khan 4:00
11 Deep Inside (Stargate radio mix) Mary J. Blige 4:19
12 Freak Like Me (radio edit) Tru Faith & Dub Conspiracy 3:22
13 In Demand (Wookie remix) Texas 4:48
14 Straight Up (radio edit) Chanté Moore 3:40
15 Re-Rewind (radio edit) Artful Dodger 4:02
16 Toca’s Miracle (DJ Garry’s mix) Fragma 4:18
17 Crazy Love (radio edit) MJ Cole 3:26
18 Tell Me It’s Real (Club Asylum Steppers mix) K‐Ci & JoJo 5:58
19 I Put a Spell on You Sonique 3:32
20 Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (radio cut) Safri Duo 3:05


CD 1

Roy C. Bennett (US songwriter) (track 18)
Morten Friis (track 20)
Michael Parsberg (track 20)
Uffe Savery (track 20)
Ramon Zenker (track 16)
Rory Bennett (track 18)
Joel Lamonte Hailey (R&B singer, member of K‐Ci & JoJo) (track 18)
Rodney Jerkins (track 2)
Harvey Mason Jr. (hip hop/R&B producer, part of Underdogs) (track 2)
guest vocals:
Craig David (track 15)
Victoria Beckham (née Adams) (track 2)
Joern Friese (track 7)
Ramon Zenker (track 16)
Rory Bennett (track 18)
Melanie Brown (track 2)
Emma Bunton (track 2)
Melanie C (track 2)
LaShawn Daniels (US Contemporary R&B songwriter) (track 2)
Joel Lamonte Hailey (R&B singer, member of K‐Ci & JoJo) (track 18)
Fred Jerkins (track 2)
Rodney Jerkins (track 2)
Cedric R Hailey (US R&B/hip hop artist, Cedric Hailey) (track 18)
Rodney Jerkins (track 2)
Victoria Beckham (née Adams) (track 4)
Craig David (track 15)
K‐Ci & JoJo (US R&B duo of brothers Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey and Joel "JoJo" Hailey) (track 18)
Rodney Jerkins (track 2)
Asylum (UK dubstep producer Andrew Greening) (track 18)
Craig David (track 15)
Victoria Beckham (née Adams) (track 4)
Mary J. Blige (track 11)
Dane Bowers (track 4)
Tony Briscoe (track 15)
Ollie Dagois (track 9)
Craig David (track 15)
Rob Davis (Songwriter/producer was in Mud) (track 16)
Kevin Deane (track 11)
Dirk Duderstadt (tracks 7, 16)
Marco Duderstadt (tracks 7, 16)
Bob Dylan (track 9)
Joern Friese (track 7)
Tara Geter (track 11)
Mark Hill (British artist, songwriter and producer) (track 15)
Victor Imbres (track 16)
Elton John (track 11)
Dave Jolicoeur (Plug 2 of De La Soul) (track 10)
John Lisners (track 4)
Andy Lysandrou (track 4)
Vincent Mason (US rapper Vincent Mason, member of De La Soul) (track 10)
Kelvin Mercer (US rapper/producer Kelvin Mercer, aka Pos) (track 10)
Bernie Taupin (track 11)
Elisabeth Troy (track 17)
Supa Dave West (US Hip-Hop producer) (track 10)
Ramon Zenker (tracks 7, 16)
LBN Publishing (track 18)
PLG MV - BMG Ufa (track 16)
Ram’s Horn Music (track 9)
Universal/MCA Music (music publisher; do not use as release label!) (track 16)
Upright Songs GmbH (track 16)
karaoke versions:
remix of:
recording of:
All Good? (track 10)
Crazy Love (track 17)
Deep Inside (track 11)
Holler (track 2)
Out of Your Mind (track 4)
Rise (track 9)
Tell Me It's Real (track 18)
Toca’s Miracle (track 16)
version of:
Toca Me (track 16)


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