Here is one that we have eagerly been waiting to put in all you melodic progressive lovers hands as we see him as one of the most talented artists out there, and who would we be to not try and push the magician from Japan, Ryo Nakamura though our PHW label. We are thrilled to finally see him go on to start having originals together with us, after numerous of superb remixes with us.

This sunny piece of progressive music, named as "Reminiscence" is a truly beautiful melodic number that screams sunny skies, daily beach walks and relax on the beach from start to finish. We feel Mr. Nakamura delivers another gorgeous number, and we couldn't be happier than what we are to be honest.

Now, a superb original, often bring on a full artillery of great names on the remixes, and we are as excited as always to bring on Dutch supremo and one that always been held high in the community, not only for his magic through PHW, but a good load of other labels as well. We of course talk about the man of melodies based in Emst, Netherlands, Roald Velden who returns to us with another beautiful interpretation. You all know what this will be about and we have to say you are right, as this is another trademark Roald Velden production, packed with lovely textures, smooth melodies and all the warmth that he bring on to his productions. Enough said, you need to hear it yourself.

Next out is another debut in the family, as we see the ever growing alias of Suonare deliver for the first time on PHW and we are thrilled to start working together with them, as we already can reveal there is more coming from them through our imprint in a near future. Here they deliver a massive re-take, packed with melodies of course, and a great rolling feel that definitely is giving the track another dimension with energy and pace, we absolutely love what they have made here and we do think you are a few boys and girls out there that will feel the same way.

The 3rd remix is another sensational return from a producer that we don't see on the scene very often, but he is definitely always a welcome addition. Akihiro Ohtani, the producer hailing from Japan makes another entrance on PHW with his beautiful musical skills and we are of course thrilled to have him back again. With a bit of more pace built up, we have a very club friendly production coming up that will be a heart warmer and one made for island jumping, wherever you go in the world. Let's see what you guys want to pick up from this release, but we of course hope you want to support musical treasures like this. Fantastic work from all you guys involved in the release, and we can't thank you enough for taking part in our PHW project!

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Reminiscence
2 Reminiscence (Roald Velden remix)
3 Reminiscence (Suonare remix)
4 Reminiscence (Akihiro Ohtani remix)


Digital Media 1

Suonare (House/Trance Producer duo) (track 3)
Roald Velden (Trance Producer) (track 2)