12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Hey Girl 2:28
A2 Bernadette 3:07
A3 P.S. 78 3:03
A4 Tokyo 1:13
A5 I Said No! 4:16
A6 Real Teeth Are Out 3:48
A7 Are You Ready? 2:05
A8 The Booby-Trap Boogie 3:31
B1 Blah Blah Magazines 2:02
B2 One Way Love (From Me to You) 3:08
B3 I'm a Rocket 2:32
B4 Shave 2:48
B5 The Pogo Never Stops 3:18
B6 Bottom of the Class 3:03
B7 The Single 1:13


12" Vinyl 1

Van DeFruits (track A1)
Van DeFruits (track A1)
later parody versions:
recording of:
Hey Girl (track A1)
I'm a Rocket (track B3)