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Medium 1: Superchunk
# Title Rating Length
1 Sexual High (Marvin Gaye vs. Radiohead)
2 Ray of Gob (Madonna vs. The Sex Pistols)
3 LSD Forever (Wendell Austin vs. The Beatles)
4 Pretty Rudy (TLC vs. The Specials)
5 Rat Inferno (The Trammps vs. The Specials)
6 Freakride (Adina Howard vs. The Vines)
7 Shannon Stone (Shannon vs. The Rolling Stones)
8 Return of the Weather Episode (Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg vs. Crowded House)
9 Baby's Got a Crazy Horse (remix) (Prodigy vs. The Osmonds)
10 Barry Wilson (Wouldn't It Be Nice to Be Your First) (The Beach Boys vs. Barry White)
11 Crazy Love Affair (Beyoncé vs. Sly & The Family Stone)
12 You Make Me Feel XTC (Sylvester vs. XTC)
13 Justin Loves Jacko (Justin Timberlake vs. Michael Jackson)
14 Who Fooled Kylie (Kylie Minogue vs. The Who)
15 Eve's Phat Gangsta (Eve feat. Alicia Keys vs. Sum 41)
16 Submusic (Madonna vs. The Sex Pistols)
Medium 2: Re:Mixology
# Title Rating Length
1 Rock With Addiction (Awww) (Ashanti vs. Jane's Addiction)
2 Teenage Whitney (Whitney Houston vs. The Undertones)
3 Are You in the Boat? (Aaliyah vs. Incubus)
4 Robin's Fanfare (Robin Hood vs. The Temptations vs. The Chi-Lites)
5 Waiting for a Destiny (Destiny's Child vs. Thin Lizzy)
6 Bring the Television (Public Enemy vs. Television)
7 Lipsmacking (Beatmaster vs. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)
8 Missy Tiger (Missy Elliot vs. Survivor)
9 Just Be Good to Paul (Beats International vs. Wings)
10 Psychelectrodelica (The Jelly Bean Bandits vs. The Electric Prunes)
11 Temptation of the Blues (The Temptations vs. Wah!)
12 Sly Beyoncé Walks Like a Nerd (Beyoncé vs. The Bangles vs. Sly Stone vs. N.E.R.D.)
13 Dirrty Stones (Christina Aguilera vs. The Rolling Stones)
14 Kinky Madonna (Madonna vs. The Kinks)


Medium 1: Superchunk

additional samples:
Sympathy for the Devil (original studio master) by The Rolling Stones (track 7)
later releases:
mash-up of:
Billie Jean (album / single version) by Michael Jackson (track 13)
Crazy in Love by Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z (track 11)
Did It Again by Kylie Minogue (track 14)
Disco Inferno by The Trammps (track 5)
Fat Lip by Sum 41 (track 15)
Gangsta Lovin' by Eve feat. Alicia Keys (track 15)
Generals and Majors by XTC (track 12)
High and Dry by Radiohead (track 1)
L.S.D. by Wendell Austin (track 3)
Music by Madonna (track 16)
Pretty Vacant by Sex Pistols (track 2)
Rat Race by The Specials (track 5)
Ray of Light by Madonna (track 2)
Strawberry Fields Forever (original stereo studio mix) by The Beatles (track 3)
Submission by Sex Pistols (track 16)
Unpretty (album version) by TLC (track 4)
Wouldn’t It Be Nice (mono) by The Beach Boys (track 10)
remix of:
later versions:
recording of: