CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 See the Light (Rednail remix #2)
LZ Love 5:08
2 Feel Love (Rednail Kidz remix)
David Brown 6:23
3 In Sarah, Menchen, Christ & Beethoven There Were Women & Men (D's Winter Crazy dub)
Tortoise 8:12
4 Ease the Pressure (Unreleased Guitarapella Bonus Freaks Bass dub)
The Beloved 7:00
5 Don't You Want Me (Unreleased Derrick Carter mix)
The Human League 6:40
6 La Tropicana (Unreleased mix)
La Tropicana 7:14
7 Troubled Girl (DMC Only remix)
Karen Ramirez 7:05
8 Life? (DMC Only remix)
Blair 8:23
9 Chillin (D's Unreleased Private Stock)
Modjo 6:47
10 Watch Them Come (D's Unreleased Private Stock) (feat. Peven Everett)
Roy Davis Jr. 8:46
11 When There Is Love (Unreleased vocal dub)
Technique 5:30


CD 1

Jo Callis (track 5)
Philip Oakey (track 5)
Philip Adrian Wright (Human League) (track 5)
Philip Oakey (track 5)
Chris Nazuka (track 2)
Rednail Kidz (tracks 1–2)
Peven Everett (track 10)
Helena Marsh (track 4)
Jon Marsh (track 4)
later parody versions:
recording of:
Don't You Want Me (Human League song) (track 5)
Ease the Pressure (track 4)

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