1993-99 Main Street Records (re-issue, Tikiman credited as Paul St Hilaire)

~ Release by Various Artists (see all versions of this release, 2 available)


CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 I'm Your Brother (club version)
Round One feat. Andy Caine 6:34
2 I'm Your Brother (Chicago's Twisted mix)
Round One 6:37
3 I'm Your Brother (Quadrant Dub II)
Round One 9:42
4 New Day (club vocal mix)
Round Two feat.Andy Caine 6:53
5 New Day (dub)
Round Two 7:08
6 Acting Crazy (club vocal)
Round Three feat. Paul St. Hilaire 6:47
7 Acting Crazy (instrumental)
Round Three 5:31
8 Find a Way (vocal + version)
Round Four feat. Paul St. Hilaire 9:42
9 Found a Way
Round Four 6:43
10 Na Fe Throw It
Round Five feat. Paul St. Hilaire 9:41
11 Na Fe Throw Version
Round Five 4:40


CD 1

Mark Ernestus (tracks 4–5)
Moritz von Oswald (tracks 4–5)
Basic Channel (track 5)
Chez Damier (track 2)
Ron Trent (Chicago house DJ/producer) (track 2)
Andy Caine (tracks 1–4)
Tikiman (performance name for Paul St. Hillaire up to 2003) (tracks 6, 8, 10)
instrumental recording of:
Acting Crazy (track 7)
recording of:
Acting Crazy (track 6)
Find a Way (tracks 8–9)
I'm Your Brother (tracks 1–3)
Na Fe Throw It (tracks 10–11)
New Day (tracks 4–5)

Release Group

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