7" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Twist and Shout 3.75 ?:??
2 There’s a Place 2.35 ?:??


7" Vinyl 1

electric bass guitar:
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (tracks 1–2)
drums (drum set):
Ringo Starr (The Beatles) (tracks 1–2)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (track 2)
electric guitar:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track 2)
electric guitar [lead guitar]:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track 1)
electric guitar [rhythm guitar]:
John Lennon (The Beatles) (tracks 1–2)
additional engineer:
Richard Langham (tracks 1–2)
A. B. Lincoln (tracks 1–2)
background vocals:
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (track 1)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks 1–2)
Norman Smith (UK producer/engineer, performed as Hurricane Smith) (tracks 1–2)
lead vocals:
John Lennon (The Beatles) (tracks 1–2)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (track 2)
George Martin (tracks 1–2)
Bert Russell (track 1)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (track 2)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (track 2)
Phil Medley (track 1)
phonographic copyright by:
EMI Records Ltd. (not for release label use! UK parent of EMI-owned labels until Sept 2012) (1963) (tracks 1–2)
edited at:
mixed at:
recorded at:
cover recording of:
Twist and Shout (1963-02-11) (track 1)
later parody versions:
Twins Came Out (track 1)
later translated parody versions:
Twist n'chat (track 1)
later translated versions:
Du bist schön (There’s a Place) (track 2)
Twist im Blut (Twist and Shout) (track 1)
Twist y gritos (track 1)
later versions:
Twiste et chante (track 1)
part of:
Baby It’s You! (jukebox musical, book by Floyd Mutrux and Colin Escott) (track 1)
recording of:
There’s a Place (1963-02-11) (track 2)
referred to in medleys:

Release Group

single/EP which was taken from:Please Please Me
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