Gusts of wind ripple the treeline. Faint whispers rush through the tall grass. Clouds separate allowing the pale moonlight to illuminate the landscape laid before the creature. Cloaked in tattered rotten fabric, red glowing eyes peer from under his hood. An ancient voice unearthed from the catacombs of time speaks.
"What is this time and place?"
"Why won't you let me rest, am I but a pawn of despair?!"
The ground shook as The Darkness responded. The night consumed by it's laughter, a voice from the depths of the Earth replies.
"You are mine, my agent of death, my harbinger of fear."
The creature knew his questions were in vain... He already knew his purpose was laid before him. No rest for the cursed. No rest for the damned. He had become this manifestation of chaos long ago. A tormented revenant brought back from the void to see the biddings of The Darkness be done...

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Necromancy 4:30
2 Torture Chamber 2:59
3 Fiends 4 (feat. Twon, Dr. Sherman, & AB-Life) 5:46
4 Forest of Nightmares 2:18
5 Echoes from the Void 3:18
6 Mangled 2:08
7 Mt. Analogue & Peloquin - Dayton Asylum 4:24
8 Consumed 3:15



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