CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Introduction to Naxos Audiobooks
[unknown] read by Anton Lesser 3:54
2 Emma
Jane Austen read by Juliet Stevenson 2:30
3 Great Expectations
Charles Dickens read by Anton Lesser 3:16
4 Crime and Punishment
Fyodor Dostoyevsky read by Michael Sheen 3:10
5 The Portrait of a Lady
Henry James read by Elizabeth McGovern 2:14
6 Fanny Hill
John Cleland read by Emma Fielding 3:19
7 Ulysses
James Joyce read by Jim Norton with Marcella Riordan 2:55
8 Finnegan's Wake
James Joyce read by Jim Norton with Marcella Riordan 1:47
9 Swann in Love
Marcel Proust read by Neville Jason 3:29
10 Youth and Heart of Darkness
Joseph Conrad read by Brian Cox 1:42
11 The Wagtail and the Baby
Thomas Hardy read by Simon Russell Beale 1:11
12 Whale Nation
Heathcote Williams 2:13
13 Suicide in the Trenches
Siegfried Sassoon read by Michael Sheen 1:01
14 Ode
Horace read by Paul Jesson 1:40
15 If
Rudyard Kipling read by Michael Caine 2:22
16 The History of Classical Music
Richard Fawkes read by Robert Powell 3:02
17 The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Perry Keenlyside read by Nigel Anthony & Paul Rhys 2:51
18 Description of a 17th Century Christmas
Thomas Love Peacock read by John Moffat 2:01
19 Speech Dismissing the Rump Parliament
Oliver Cromwell performed by Norman Rodway 2:44
20 The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Edward Gibbon read by Philip Madoc 1:59
21 Matthew 8, Verses 1-17
[unknown] read by Hugh Dickinson 2:42
22 Kisa Gotami From the Middle Way
Jinananda read by David Timson & Anton Lesser 2:54
23 Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare read by Michael Sheen & Kate Beckinsale 2:35
24 Lady Windermere's Fan
Oscar Wilde performed by Emma Fielding, Michael Sheen & Juliet Stevenson 2:04
25 Pinocchio
Carlo Collodi read by John Sessions 1:48
26 Anne of Green Gables
Lucy Maud Montgomery read by Liza Ross 2:46
27 The Adventures of Odysseus
Benedict Flynn read by Benjamin Soames 2:12
28 The Happy Prince
Oscar Wilde read by Anton Lesser 5:11



spoken vocals: Anton Lesser