Arranger/Musical Director: Allister MacGillivray with Ciarán MacGillivray
String Arrangements: Brigham Phillips
Engineer: Mike "Sheppy" Shepherd (Cape Breton)
Aditional Tracks: John Naslund (Toronto), Michael Hass (Toronto)
Recording Studio: Lakewind Sound (Point Aconi, Cape Breton)
Additional Tracks: Manta DSP (Toronto), Inception Sound (Toronto)
Mixing: Chad Irschick, Inception Sound (Toronto)
Mastering: Charlie Gray, Saluki Music
Photography / Design: Carol Kennedy
Layout: Weldom Bona
Cover Location: The Savoy Theatre, Glace Bay, NS (Nova Scotia?)

All traditional songs were adapted and arranged by Allister MacGillivray and The Cottars and are published by Cabot Trail Music, SOCAN

Commentary by The Cottars (descriptions of/background information on the various tracks).

Additional (guest) musicians:
John McDermott, Brigham Phillips, Gordie Sampson, Allister MacGillivray, Beverly MacGillivray, Allie Bennett, Pat Kilbride, Mark Kelso, Jason Fowler, Lenny Soloman, Jonathon Craig, Anne Lindsay (solo violin on "Reconciliation"), Wendy Soloman (cello solo)

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Ready for the Storm 3:50
2 Calling on Song 1:24
3 Bodhrán/Fiddle Medley: Molly Rankin's Reel / Saint Anne's Reel / Dinkie Dorrian's 3:32
4 Loch Tay Boat Song 5:08
5 Planxty Mira Medley: The Bothy Band Jig / The Diplodocus / Planxty Mira 4:07
6 Cape Breton Lullaby 3:36
7 Boholla Medley: The Boholla #2 Jig / Trip to Killavil / O'Connell's Welcome to Dublin / The Swallow-Tail Jig 5:03
8 The Wild Goose 5:03
9 The Guitar Jigs: The Mabou Jig / Hare Slough Jig / The Advil Jig 2:43
10 Reconciliation 4:13
11 Celtic Harp Medley: Planxty Irwin a.k.a. Col. John Irwin / The Water Rabbit 3:33
12 The Parting Glass 3:57


CD 1

Liz Carroll (track 5)
Randy Foster (track 9)
John Morris Rankin (track 3)
Willy Sawrenko (track 9)
Jenny Tingley (track 11)
[unknown] (Special Purpose Artist - Do not add releases here, if possible.) (tracks 2–3, 5–7)
Toirdhealbhach Ó Cearbhalláin (Turlough O’Carolan) (track 11)
Wade Hemsworth (track 8)
Ron Kavana (track 10)
Dougie MacLean (track 1)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (– 1605) (track 12)
[unknown] (Special Purpose Artist - Do not add releases here, if possible.) (track 2)
Wade Hemsworth (track 8)
Ron Kavana (track 10)
Kenneth Leslie (track 6)
Dougie MacLean (track 1)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 12)
previously attributed to:
Francie Byrne (Donegal fiddler) (track 3)
medley including a recording of:
Planxty Irwin (track 11)
The Water Rabbit (track 11)
medley of:
Dinkie Dorrian's (Reel) (track 3)
recording of:
Calling on Song (track 2)
Reconciliation (track 10)
The Parting Glass (track 12)
The Wild Goose (track 8)


mixer:Chad Irschick
executive producer:John McDermott (US producer/liner notes)
producer:Allister MacGillivray
Brigham Phillips
mastering:Charlie Gray
bodhrán and guitar:Jimmy MacKenzie
bodhrán, harp and tin whistle and lead vocals and other vocals:Fiona MacGillivray
electric guitar, guitar, keyboard and tin whistle and vocals:Ciarán MacGillivray
fiddle and percussion and other vocals:Roseanne MacKenzie
ASIN:UK: B00097HDXG [info]

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