Evolver (deluxe edition)

~ Release by John Legend (see all versions of this release, 8 available)



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CD 1
1Good Morning (Intro)
John Legend0:47
2Green Light
John Legend feat. André 30004.654:44
3It's Over
John Legend feat. Kanye West54:28
4Everybody Knows
recording of:
Everybody Knows
James Ho, John Stephens, Kawan “KP” Prather and Terrence Smith (hip hop artist Terrence Smith, OutKast-affiliated)
John Legend4:35
John Legend feat. Brandy3:43
6Cross the Line
John Legend3:23
7No Other Love
John Legend feat. Estelle3.53:59
8This TimeJohn Legend4:24
John Legend4:45
10Take Me Away
John Legend3:03
11Good Morning
John Legend4:02
12I Love, You Love
John Legend4:36
13If You're Out ThereJohn Legend24:23
14Floating Away
John Legend4:17
15Set Me Free
John Legend3:57
16It's Over (Teddy Riley remix)
John Legend4:20
DVD-Video 2: The Making Of Evolver
1Good Morning Intro
John Legend?:??
2Green Light
John Legend?:??
3It's Over
John Legend feat. Kanye West?:??
4Everybody Knows
John Legend?:??
5No Other Love
John Legend feat. Estelle?:??
6Cross The Line
John Legend?:??
7This Time
John Legend?:??
John Legend?:??
9Good Morning
John Legend?:??
10I Love, You Love
John Legend?:??
11If You're Out There
John Legend?:??