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Taper: mikito

Taper's Notes

Before taping this show, I had seen and taped Coldplay at the May 31st show at the Hollywood Bowl. My tape for that show came out nice. But given that the show was professionally recorded and broadcast on KROQ, it made sharing my tape somewhat pointless. So, a few days later, while looking for tickets to shows, it was on a fluke that I saw that someone was selling their tickets to the San Diego show. $25 a ticket for the first row behind the soundboard. I couldn't resist, so I snatched them up and went. The Hollywood Bowl shows were a triumph for the band, so I was interested to see how this show would turn out. In my experience, whenever a band plays San Diego after they've had a successful showing in LA, the shows here tend to be a nice extension of those shows, while also being just a little more relaxed. As if the energy carries over, but none of the pressure. This was no exception. The nice thing about this show was that the band's lighting rig and video screens were used in full, whereas at the outdoor Hollywood Bowl the lighting wasn't as impressive. At the end of this show, prior to Amsterdam, singer Chris Martin again did his "turn the houselights on" speech, and the band performed the song with the arena's lights on as the show closer. Normally I would've thought that was a nice touch. But given that taping a show is much easier to do in the dark, I was a little worried about being noticed with a mic hanging out of my shirt. Thankfully, the security staff standing 5 feet in front of me the whole show never saw a thing.

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Medium 1
# Title Rating Length
1 [introduction]
2 Politik
3 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
4 A Rush of Blood to the Head
5 Daylight
6 Trouble
7 One I Love
8 Don't Panic
9 Moses
10 Everything's Not Lost
11 The World Turns Upside Down
12 Yellow
13 The Scientist / What a Wonderful World / [encore break]
14 Clocks
15 In My Place
16 Amsterdam


Medium 1

Guy Berryman (tracks 2, 4–5, 8, 16)
Jon Buckland (tracks 2, 4–5, 8, 16)
Will Champion (tracks 2, 4–5, 8, 16)
Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) (tracks 2, 4–5, 8, 16)
Guy Berryman (track 8)
Jon Buckland (track 8)
Will Champion (track 8)
Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) (track 8)
Guy Berryman (tracks 3, 6–7, 9–15)
Jon Buckland (tracks 3, 6–7, 9–15)
Will Champion (tracks 3, 6–7, 9–15)
Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) (tracks 3, 6–7, 9–15)
Bob Thiele (track 13)
George David Weiss (track 13)
Abilene Music Inc. (track 13)
BMG Music Publishing Ltd. (tracks 2–6, 8, 10, 12–16)
EMI (EMI Records, since 1972) (track 6)
Quartet Music (track 13)
later parody versions:
Hendo's (track 12)
later translated parody versions:
later translated versions:
live cover recording of:
What a Wonderful World (2003-06-03) (track 13)
live recording of:
Amsterdam (track 16)
Clocks (track 14)
Daylight (track 5)
Don’t Panic (track 8)
In My Place (track 15)
Moses (track 9)
One I Love (track 7)
Politik (track 2)
Trouble (track 6)
Yellow (track 12)
The Scientist (2003-06-03) (track 13)
referred to in medleys: