Nachtflug (track 5 has title “Skandal”; medium has “Made in EU”; manufactured by “EMI UDEN”)

~ Release by Falco (see all versions of this release, 5 available)


Identifying This Release

There are at least three other very similar versions of this album (see their annotations for even more identifying information):

This release has (at least) the following characteristics:

  • Track 5 is listed as “Skandal”.
  • The back side of the front cover inlay (that is the back side of the booklet) and the back cover of the jewel case have track 6 listed as “Yah - Vibration” and track 7 listed as “Propaganda”. Unlike as in other versions of this album these are not erroneously swapped.
  • The medium has the notice “Made in EU”.
  • The medium has been manufactured by “EMI UDEN(can be found next to the matrix number near the hub of the CD).

Barcodes, Catalogue Numbers

  • The spine (but not the back cover) of the jewel case and the back side of the front cover inlay (that is the back side of the booklet) have the catalogue number “1C 568-0777 7 80322 2 9”.
  • The back cover of the jewel case has the catalogue number “0777 7 80322 2 9”.
  • The medium has the catalogue number “7 80322 2”.
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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Titanic 3:36
2 Monarchy Now 4:13
3 Dance Mephisto 3:32
4 Psychos 3:17
5 Skandal 3:56
6 Yah - Vibration 3:34
7 Propaganda 3:36
8 Time 4:07
9 Cadillac Hotel 5:08
10 Nachtflug 3:16


CD 1

Ferdi Bolland (tracks 1–10)
Rob Bolland (tracks 1–10)
Ferdi Bolland (tracks 1, 3–9)
Rob Bolland (tracks 1, 3–9)
Harald Kloser (tracks 2, 10)
Thomas Schobel (tracks 2, 10)
Hans "Woody" Weekhout (tracks 1–10)
Ferdi Bolland (tracks 3, 5–9)
Rob Bolland (tracks 3, 5–9)
Johann Hölzel (Austrian pop & rock musician) (tracks 1–10)
Ferdi Bolland (tracks 1–10)
Rob Bolland (tracks 1–10)
Ferdi Bolland (tracks 1–10)
Rob Bolland (tracks 1–10)
Rolf Budde Musikverlag (aka Budde Music) (track 1)
mixed at:
recorded at:
recording of:
Cadillac Hotel (track 9)
Dance Mephisto (track 3)
Monarchy Now (track 2)
Nachtflug (track 10)
Propaganda (track 7)
Psychos (track 4)
S.C.A.N.D.A.L. (track 5)
Time (track 8)
Titanic (track 1)
Yah Vibration (track 6)


acoustic guitar:Bert Meulendijk
additional keyboard:Hans "Woody" Weekhout
additional sampler:Hans "Woody" Weekhout
bass:Ferdi Bolland
Rob Bolland
electric guitar:Bert Meulendijk
grand piano:Ferdi Bolland
Rob Bolland
keyboard:Ferdi Bolland
Rob Bolland
percussion:Ferdi Bolland
Rob Bolland
sampler:Ferdi Bolland
Rob Bolland
synthesizer:Ferdi Bolland
Rob Bolland
trumpet:Jan Hollander
additional engineer:John "Zorba" Kriek
background vocals:Ferdi Bolland
Rob Bolland
programming:Hans "Woody" Weekhout
manufactured by:EMI Uden (manufacturer)
phonographic copyright by:EMI Electrola GmbH (not for release label use! DE subsidiary of EMI Records from 1972–2002) (1992 –)
rights society:BIEM (international rights organization representing member societies from 58 countries)
STEMRA (Netherlands rights society for composers and music publishers)
mastered at:Bolland Studios in Blaricum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, Kingdom of the Netherlands
ASIN:DE: B000006YM8 [info]
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Release Group

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Wikidata:Q671821 [info]