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Although linked together on the track listing the New Orleans tracks are separated on the DVD

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DVD-Video 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Intro
Snoop Dogg 2:21
2 Nebraska
Snoop Dogg 3:24
3 Best Part of Being on Tour
Snoop Dogg 2:54
4 Crew
Snoop Dogg 3:19
5 San Antonio
Snoop Dogg 3:15
6 Snoop’s Advice to Young Rappers
Snoop Dogg 3:57
7 El Paso/Puff Puff Puff
Snoop Dogg 5:41
8 NORML Confererence
Snoop Dogg 5:05
9 New Orleans Concert
Snoop Dogg 0:45
10 New Orleans Concert: Murda Was the Case
Snoop Dogg 1:40
11 New Orleans Concert: The Next Episode
Snoop Dogg 1:19
12 New Orleans Concert: Still a ‘G’ Thang
Snoop Dogg 2:05
13 New Orleans Concert: Who Am I (What’s My Name)
Snoop Dogg 4:24
14 New Orleans Concert: Gin & Juice
Snoop Dogg 4:42
15 Snoop’s Music Appeal
Snoop Dogg 2:42
16 Bus/Baggin
Snoop Dogg 3:58
17 Birth of a Hip-Hop Dynasty
Snoop Dogg 4:04
18 Backstage Dallas
Snoop Dogg 0:38
19 Family
Snoop Dogg 2:20
20 “Chuurch”
Snoop Dogg 0:49
21 The Dogg Pound
Snoop Dogg 3:44
22 Back on the Bus
Snoop Dogg 0:37
23 Miami
Snoop Dogg 2:04
24 Connecticut
Snoop Dogg 3:37
25 Atlanta
Snoop Dogg 6:07
26 San Francisco/NORML
Snoop Dogg 4:01
27 What Do You Like to Smoke?
Snoop Dogg 2:25
28 Hoops
Snoop Dogg 9:14
29 St. Louis
Snoop Dogg 1:39
30 Bus Music
Snoop Dogg 0:52
31 Old School Influences
Snoop Dogg 2:35
32 Who Am I (What’s My Name)/Credits
Snoop Dogg 3:49
33 Puff Puff Pass Tour Special Edition Trailer
Snoop Dogg 3:32


DVD-Video 1

spoken vocals:
Steve Bloom (edited High Times) (track 8)
George H. W. Bush (track 8)
Richard Eastman (medical cannabis patient HIV+) (track 33)
Fred Gardner (journalist) (track 26)
Kyle Kushman (reporter) (track 26)
Angel McClary-Raich (medical cannabis patient) (track 33)
Richard M. Nixon (track 8)
Ed Rosenthal (track 8)
Raymond P. Shafer (politician) (track 8)
Snoop Dogg (American rapper) (tracks 1, 3–4, 6, 8, 15, 19–20, 24, 27, 30–31, 33)
Betty Strand (interviewed marijuana smoker) (track 26)
Warren G (track 17)
Jimmy Carter (former US president) (1977) (track 8)
Ronald Reagan (1980) (track 8)
Calvin Broadus (track 11)
Harry Wayne Casey (track 14)
Daz Dillinger (US rapper Delmar Arnaud) (track 10)
Dr. Dre (Andre Young, rap producer) (tracks 10–11, 14)
Richard Finch (track 14)
Hittman (US rapper Brian Bailey) (track 11)
David McCallum (actor/musician) (track 11)
Nathaniel Hale (track 11)
Ms. Roq (track 11)
Snoop Dogg (American rapper) (tracks 10, 14)
is the basis for:
What Would You Do? (track 11)
later parody versions:
What's My Name? (tracks 13, 32–33)
live partial recording of:
The Next Episode (track 11)
Who Am I (What's My Name)? (tracks 32–33)
live recording of:
Gin & Juice (track 14)
Still a G Thang (track 12)


associate producer: Zatella Beatty
Mike Laney (producer)
editor: David Gati (video editor)
Mike Marangu (director)
executive producer: Mark Brown (producer of Snoop Dogg video)
Daddy V (OG Daddy V, west coast rapper)
Geoff Kempin (executive producer for Eagle Rock Entertainment)
Terry Shand (executive producer for Eagle Rock Entertainment)
Snoop Dogg (American rapper)
graphic design: Akili Daniels (graphic designer)
Dave Drever (graphic designer)
mixer: Jeremy Hoenack (engineer)
producer: Joe Boyland (producer)
Mark Brown (producer of Snoop Dogg video)
John Gaydon
copyrighted by: Eagle Rock Entertainment, Inc. (2004)
Urban Street Team (2004)
licensed to: Eagle Rock Entertainment Limited (not for release label use!)
phonographic copyright by: Urban Street Team (2004)
mixed at: Sound Trax Studios in Burbank, California, United States

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