Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Tim Horton's as a Gateway Drug to the Canadian Army
1-Speed Bike 6:30
2 We Trade You Sting for a Toyota Pick-Up Filled With Weed
1-Speed Bike 4:20
3 Taliban Horton Overnight Price Doubling
1-Speed Bike 1:45
4 Oakland Pulic Library Cambodian Tape Archive Remix for the Afghani People
1-Speed Bike 2:12
5 Taking Care of Business Like the Doa Video
1-Speed Bike 3:37
6 Take the Red Out of the Canadian Flag and You Get Surrender (We Are Wolves remix)
1-Speed Bike 2:23
7 It's Your Duty as a Canadian to Go to Tim Horton's 5 Times a Day
1-Speed Bike feat. Gordon Krieger, Alexis Farand, Bruce Cawdron and Malcolm Bauld 4:56
8 Taliban! Our Hot Women Soldiers Will Turn Your Women Gay!
1-Speed Bike 5:20
9 Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle (Found Magazine Tape From Ypsilanti Parking Lot remix)
1-Speed Bike 3:12
10 Steve Earle Number One Taliban Commander
1-Speed Bike 4:25
11 Grrrls Look Good in Canada and Afghanistan
1-Speed Bike feat. Mr Badman 6:09
12 Kandahar Porn Merchant Moustache Twitch
1-Speed Bike 2:38
13 He Died With Walnut Crunch Crumbs on His Moustache
1-Speed Bike 5:42
14 I Sure Know a Lot About Afghanistan So Let's Invade It (Or Make a Record About It)
1-Speed Bike 3:01
15 Hotboxing the LAV May Protect You From the IEDs
1-Speed Bike 7:12
16 I Wipe My Ass With Your Yellow Ribbon
1-Speed Bike 7:19



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