Digital Media 1
recording of:
Singularity (Doctor Who: The Monthly Adventures)
James Swallow (British writer)



miscellaneous support:Gary Russell (English writer and producer) (task: director)
graphic design:Lee Binding (cover artist)
Stuart Manning (director, cover artist, adapter, writer, producer)
producer:Jason Haigh-Ellery (writer, producer, director, voice actor, executive producer)
Gary Russell (English writer and producer)
composer:Steve Foxon (post production, music and sound design)
spoken vocals [Alexi Korolev]:Oleg Mirochnikov
spoken vocals [Cord]:Michael Cuckson (voice actor)
spoken vocals [Lena Korolev]:Natasha Radiski (voice actor)
spoken vocals [Natalia Pushkin]:Dominika Boon (voice actor)
spoken vocals [Pavel Fedorin]:Max Bollinger (actor, writer and producer)
spoken vocals [Qel]:Eve Polycarpou (voice actor)
spoken vocals [Seo]:Maitland Chandler (voice actor)
spoken vocals [Tev]:Billy Miller (voice actor)
spoken vocals [The Fifth Doctor]:Peter Davison (English actor)
spoken vocals [Turlough]:Mark Strickson (voice actor)
spoken vocals [Xen]:Marq English (voice actor)
recorded at:The Moat Studios in London (Greater London, which includes the City of London), England, United Kingdom (from 2005-08-09 until 2005-08-10)
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