Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Boing!
A2 Go-Go Dancer
A3 Lovenest
A4 Three
A5 Blue Eyes
A6 Blonde
A7 Kennedy
A8 Suck
A9 Loveslave
A10 Silver Shorts
B1 The Queen of Outer Space
B2 Bewitched
B3 Crawl
B4 Heather
B5 Sticky
B6 Come Play With Me
B7 Brassneck
B8 Corduroy
B9 Dare
B10 Dalliance
B11 Flying Saucer


Cassette 1

Toquiwa (Tokyo based all girl Indie 4 piece) (track A7)
David Gedge (tracks A1–A6, A8–B1, B3–B6, B8–B10)
David Gedge (tracks A3, A6, A8, B3–B4, B8–B10)
David Gedge (tracks A7, B11)
live recording of:
Blonde (track A6)
Blue Eyes (track A5)
Boing! (track A1)
Come Play With Me (track B6)
Corduroy (track B8)
Crawl (track B3)
Kennedy (track A7)
Silver Shorts (track A10)
Sticky (track B5)
Suck (track A8)
recording of:
Dalliance (track B10)
Dare (track B9)
Flying Saucer (track B11)
Go-Go Dancer (track A2)
Heather (track B4)
Lovenest (track A3)
Loveslave (track A9)
Three (track A4)


remastered versions:Live 1992
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