PILZ Vienna Master Series

The cover lists the titles of the works in four languages, as follows:

Franz Schubert
Wanderer-Fantasie / Wanderer Fantasy
Fantasie du Promeneur / Fantasia viandante

Symphonie Nr. 4
„Die Tragische“ / „The Tragic“ / Tragique“ / „la tragica“

N.B. the opening quotation marks missing from the French title is in the original. The use of German-style lower double-9 quotation marks in front of, and upper double-6 quotation marks after, the English, French, and Italian titles is also in the original.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Wanderer-Fantasie in C-Dur op. 15: Allegro con fuoco ma non troppo - Adagio - Presto - Allegro Franz Schubert 21:21
2 Symphonie Nr. 4 in c-moll: I. Adagio-Allegro vivace Franz Schubert 11:17
3 Symphonie Nr. 4 in c-moll: II. Andante Franz Schubert 9:48
4 Symphonie Nr. 4 in c-moll: III. Allegro Franz Schubert 3:33
5 Symphonie Nr. 4 in c-moll: IV. Allegro vivace Franz Schubert 10:21


CD 1

Prof. Hugo Steurer (classical pianist) (track 1)
Franz Schubert (Austrian composer Franz Peter Schubert) (1816-04) (tracks 2–5)
Franz Schubert (Austrian composer Franz Peter Schubert) (1822-11) (track 1)
Alfred Scholz (tracks 2–5)
Hans Swarowsky (conductor) (tracks 2–4)
Philharm. Orchester Bamberg (pseudonym associated with Alfred Scholz, not Bamberger Symphoniker) (tracks 2–5)
Münchner Symphoniker (an Alfred Scholz pseudonym, not the former Symphonie-Orchester Graunke) (tracks 2–4)
Süddeutsche Philharmonie (an Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (tracks 2–5)
part of:
“Wanderer” Fantasy in C major, S565a (edited by Liszt) (track 1)
Fantasy in C major, S. 366 “Wanderer” (for piano and orchestra, Liszt) (track 1)
part of:
recording of:


part of:Vienna Master Series (PILZ)
ASIN:US: B00000E2GB [info]