Composed (tracks 6-10, 12), arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Koshanin.
Album cover artwork and graphic design by Koshanin.
Copyright 2017.

432Hz Edition Notes:

This is an alternate 432Hz edition of Koshanin’s album “Under the Sacred Tree”. Whereas under the current tuning standard the reference pitch of “middle A” is tuned to 440Hz, this album has been recorded at the alternate tuning of 432Hz. The 432Hz tuning, along with other alternate tunings, has been widely in use until the early Twentieth Century. Despite the ongoing “432 vs. 440 war” on the Internet, as well as numerous claims and/or facts about the effects of the music played on instruments tuned to 432Hz, it is evident that this subtle change gives the music a slightly warmer, wider and darker sound.

Album Notes:

"Under The Sacred Tree" is Koshanin's second solo piano album. This collection of piano pieces features original compositions as well as his unique arrangements of select traditional folk songs from the Slavic lands, including Russia, Serbia and Macedonia. Koshanin further explores these folk melodies and the odd time-signatures characteristic of the music from the Balkan region, reviving them in a new, non-traditional context. His continuous search for beauty and simplicity in music gives this album a peaceful, reflective mood.

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