First numbered edition released with a light blue marbled vinyl.
Credits printed on the rear sleeve. About 2500 copies pressed.
Some copies came with free poster inside

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Jenny Was a Friend of Mine 4 ?:??
A2 Mr. Brightside 4.2 ?:??
A3 Smile Like You Mean It 3.65 ?:??
A4 Somebody Told Me 4.35 ?:??
A5 All These Things That I’ve Done 4 ?:??
B1 Andy, You’re a Star 2.5 ?:??
B2 On Top 2 ?:??
B3 Change Your Mind 2.65 ?:??
B4 Believe Me Natalie 3 ?:??
B5 Midnight Show 3.5 ?:??
B6 Everything Will Be Alright 3.35 ?:??


12" Vinyl 1

Brandon Flowers (tracks B1, B6)
guest choir vocals:
The Sweet Inspirations (tracks A5–B1)
Brandon Flowers (tracks B1, B6)
Alan Moulder (producer and engineer) (tracks A1, A4–B2, B4–B5)
Mark Needham (tracks A2–A3, B3, B6)
The Killers (US rock band) (tracks A1–B5)
Brandon Flowers (track B6)
Jeff Saltzman (music attorney and record producer) (tracks A1–B5)
recording engineer:
Corlene Byrd (track B6)
Jeff Saltzman (music attorney and record producer) (tracks A1–B5)
Dave Keuning (tracks A2, A4–A5, B2–B3)
Mark Stoermer (tracks A1, A3–A5, B2, B5)
Ronnie Vannucci (tracks A4–A5, B2, B4)
Brandon Flowers (tracks A1–A5, B2–B5)
phonographic copyright by:
Island Records (not for release label use, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.) (2017) (tracks A1–B6)
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group) (tracks A2–A4)
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998) (track A4)
has remixes:
Dans mon Brightside by JV5 (track A2)
Somebody Rock Me (The Killers vs. The Clash) (Best of Bootie 2005 DJ-mix) by Party Ben (track A4)
sampled by:
part of:
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 4) (track A2)
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 42) (track A4)
Indie 88: Top 500 Indie Rock Songs (number: 102) (track A5)
I Got Soul (track A5)
later parody versions:
Somebody Sold Me (track A4)
recording of:
Believe Me Natalie (track B4)
Change Your Mind (track B3)
Midnight Show (track B5)
Mr. Brightside (track A2)
On Top (track B2)
Somebody Told Me (track A4)
referred to in medleys:
Polkarama! (track A4)