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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Taxman 4.2 2:41
A2 Eleanor Rigby 4 2:10
A3 I’m Only Sleeping 3.9 3:04
A4 Love You To 3.3 3:03
A5 Here, There and Everywhere 4 2:28
A6 Yellow Submarine 3.5 2:42
A7 She Said She Said 4.2 2:39
B1 Good Day Sunshine 4 2:12
B2 And Your Bird Can Sing 4.35 2:04
B3 For No One 4.1 2:04
B4 Doctor Robert 4 2:17
B5 I Want to Tell You 3.45 2:32
B6 Got to Get You Into My Life 3.75 2:33
B7 Tomorrow Never Knows 4.6 2:57


12" Vinyl 1

acoustic guitar:
John Lennon (The Beatles) (track A6)
electric bass guitar:
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (tracks A1, A6)
drums (drum set):
Ringo Starr (The Beatles) (tracks A1, A6)
Anil Bhagwat (track B3)
Ringo Starr (The Beatles) (track A1)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A6)
Ringo Starr (The Beatles) (track A1)
electric guitar:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A1)
Anil Bhagwat (track A4)
French horn:
Alan Civil (British horn player) (track B3)
additional background vocals:
George Martin (track A6)
Geoff Emerick (British recording engineer) (track A6)
additional guest background vocals:
Pattie Boyd (track A6)
background vocals:
John Lennon (The Beatles) (tracks A1–A2)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (track A1)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A2, A6)
background vocals and spoken vocals:
John Lennon (The Beatles) (track A6)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (track A6)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A1, A4, B5)
guest violin:
Tony Gilbert (violinist) (track A2)
Jurgen Hess (violinist) (track A2)
Sidney Sax (violinist) (track A2)
John Sharpe (violinist) (track A2)
guest cello:
Norman Jones (Cello) (track A2)
Derek Simpson (cellist) (track A2)
guest viola:
Stephen Shingles (track A2)
John Underwood (track A2)
lead vocals:
John Lennon (The Beatles) (tracks A3, A7, B2, B4, B7)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (tracks A2, A5, B1, B3, B6)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A1, A4, B5)
Ringo Starr (The Beatles) (track A6)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A1, A4, B5)
George Martin (tracks A1–B7)
solo electric guitar:
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (track A1)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (tracks A2–A3, A5–B4, B6–B7)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (tracks A2–A3, A5–B4, B6–B7)
phonographic copyright by:
EMI Records Ltd. (not for release label use! UK parent of EMI-owned labels until Sept 2012) (2009) (tracks A1–B7)
MPL Communications Ltd. (not for release label use! Paul McCartney-related, London-based company) (track A2)
Northern Songs Ltd. (tracks A2, A5, B1, B3, B5–B6)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (tracks B2, B7)
And Son Music Ltd. (1980 –) (track B2)
has remixes:
Eleanor Rigby (1999 remix) by The Beatles (track A2)
Eleanor Rigby / Julia (transition) (Love version) by The Beatles (track A2)
Love You To (1999 remix) by The Beatles (track A4)
Tax Man by virt (track A1)
Yellow Submarine (1999 remix) by The Beatles (track A6)
Yellow Submarine (1968 mono mix down) by The Beatles (track A6)
Yellow Submarine (1995 remix) by The Beatles (track A6)
Close to No One by ccc (track B3)
Eleanor Ciccone by ccc (track A2)
Lovely NYC by dj BC (track A6)
Pleasant Dr. Robert by ccc (track B4)
Rigby Stew by isky (track A2)
Rush of Love by ccc (track A4)
She Said Traffic by ccc (track A7)
Sunshine a Go Go by ccc (track B1)
Tax Jam Pollution by ccc (track A1)
That's All Yellow by ccc (track A6)
You Only Live Tomorrow by ccc (track B7)
sampled by:
Lonely People by Talib Kweli (track A2)
Octopus’s Garden (Love version) by The Beatles (track A6)
Start! by The Jam (track A1)
Got to Get You Into My Life (arr. Johan Bjurling) (track B6)
is the basis for:
Ellinor Rydholm (track A2)
Never Know (track B7)
later parody versions:
Eleanor Eubank (track A2)
Jelle sal wel sien (track A6)
Pac‐Man (track A1)
Yellow Busmarine (track A6)
later translated parody versions:
later translated versions:
Dis‐moi (Here, There & Everywhere) (track A5)
Eleanor Rigby (track A2)
Eleanor Rigby (Finnish) (track A2)
Eleonore Rigby (german translation) (track A2)
Eléonor Rigby (French version of the Beatles' song) (track A2)
Gul ubåt (track A6)
Here, There and Everywhere (Japanese version) (track A5)
Här (track A5)
Jello Saabmarin (track A6)
Yellow Submarine (german translation) (track A6)
明天怎麼過 (track A2)
later versions:
recording of:
Doctor Robert (track B4)
Eleanor Rigby (track A2)
For No One (track B3)
Good Day Sunshine (track B1)
I Want to Tell You (track B5)
I’m Only Sleeping (track A3)
Love You To (track A4)
She Said She Said (track A7)
Taxman (track A1)
Yellow Submarine (track A6)
referred to in medleys:
Beatles Medley (Stars on 45) (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
The Beatles Concerto: 1st Movement: Maestoso - Allegro moderato (She Loves You / Eleanor Rigby / Yesterday / All My Loving / Hey Jude) (track A2)
The Beatles Concerto: 2nd Movement: Andante espressivo (Here, There and Everywhere / Something) (track A5)
London Skies (track B7)
All Together Now (medley) (track A6)
The Music of The Beatles (tracks A5, B6)


design/illustration:Klaus Voormann
photography:Robert Whitaker
engineer:Geoff Emerick (British recording engineer)
remastered versions:Revolver (2009 stereo remaster)
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