CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Arise, O Lord: Help Us O God
William Byrd 3:22
2 O God, That Guides the Cheerful Sun
William Byrd 5:43
3 Alack, When I Look Back
William Byrd 5:39
4 In nomine a5 (II)
William Byrd 2:34
5 Second Service: Magnificat
William Byrd 4:01
6 Fantasia in D minor
William Byrd 4:53
7 Second Service: Nunc dimittis
William Byrd 2:13
8 In nomine a5 (IV)
William Byrd 2:52
9 Blessed Is He That Fears the Lord
William Byrd 5:17
10 Thou God That Guid'st
William Byrd 3:49
11 O Lord, Make Thy Servant Elizabeth
William Byrd 2:53
12 Fantasia in A minor
William Byrd 7:17
13 Lord in Thy Wrath
William Byrd 3:39
14 In nomine a5 (V)
William Byrd 2:48
15 Have Mercy Upon Me, O God
William Byrd 4:07
16 Why Do I Use My Paper, Ink & Pen?
William Byrd 7:13
17 Prevent Us, O Lord
William Byrd 2:34


CD 1

William Byrd (tracks 1–17)
Phil Rowlands (engineer) (tracks 1–17)
Keith Grant (classical recording engineer) (tracks 1–17)
Gerry O'Riordan (tracks 1–17)
David Skinner (musicologist and conductor) (tracks 1–17)
recorded at:
Magdalen College Chapel in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (2006-03 – 2006-07) (tracks 1–17)
recording of:
Fantasia in A minor (track 12)
In Nomine 2 (a 5) (track 4)
In Nomine 4 (a 5) (track 8)
In Nomine 5 (a 5) (track 14)
Lord in Thy Wrath (track 13)
Prevent Us, O Lord (track 17)


organ: Ryan Leonard
choir vocals: The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford
conductor: Bill Ives
executive producer: Robina G. Young (producer)
graphic design: Scarlett Freund
liner notes: David Skinner (musicologist and conductor)
performer: Fretwork
photography: Martina Ford
Roberto Masotti
Matthew Power
Edward Webb
tenor vocals: Rogers Covey‐Crump (tenor)
vocals: Stefan Roberts
ASIN: UK: B000T2OMSU [info]