CD 1
1Canzona: La Scaramuccia2:16
2Pavan from Pavans, Gallíards, and Almaíns2:05
3The Fairie round from P,G,A2:01
4The Cradle from P,G,A3:08
5When Daphne did from Phoebus flie1:36
6Canzon Prima2:32
7La Lavendara from Two Sixteenth - Century Dances1:06
8Vezzosette Nymph Belle1:07
10Un Sonar de Piva in Fachinesco1:17
11Courtly Masquing Ayre No. 91:59
12I Always Loved to Call my Lady Rose2:01
14The Chessnutt1:57
15Canzona in d minor5:19
16Le bon vouloir from Quart and Cínquíesme lívre de danceríes2:59
17Two Bransles from Quart and Cínquíesme lívre de danceríes1:36
18Pavan from P,G,A2:49
19Two Courantes from Terpíschore1:08
20Spagnoletta from Terpíschore2:47
21Fantasia a 62:51