Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Break and Enter (live at Bristol Sound City)
The Prodigy 5:45
A2 Kung Fu
Ash 2:23
A3 Intellectualize My Blackness
Skunk Anansie 3:35
A4 Quark (remix)
Empirion 5:48
A5 Stories
Therapy? 2:57
A6 Go Away
Echobelly 2:42
A7 Hallelujah (Deadstock remix)
Happy Mondays 6:25
A8 Ford Mustang
Mick Harvey 2:25
B1 Soul Saver (live in London)
The Charlatans 3:38
B2 State of Mind
Goldie 7:05
B3 125 West 3rd Street
Menswear 3:05
B4 Ear Drum Buzz (live in Chicago)
Wire 5:20
B5 Heal the Separation
The Shamen 3:50
B6 Epision
Fluke 4:45
B7 Simple (live in Glasgow)
China Drum 2:15


Cassette 1

Mel Gaynor (track B2)
Justina Curtis (track B2)
Paul Davis (UK keyboardist for Happy Mondays) (track A7)
Mark Day (from Happy Mondays) (track A7)
Bobby Glennie (track A4)
Goldie (UK jungle, drum & bass artist Clifford Joseph Price) (track B2)
Liam Howlett (track A1)
Austin Morsley (track A4)
Rob Playford (track B2)
Paul Ryder (track A7)
Shaun Ryder (track A7)
Jamie Smart (track A4)
Gary Whelan (track A7)
Rob Playford (track B2)
Goldie (UK jungle, drum & bass artist Clifford Joseph Price) (track B2)
Rob Playford (track B2)
Lorna Harris (track B2)
Len Arran (track A3)
Skin (Skunk Anansie singer) (track A3)
live recording of:
Break & Enter (track A1)
recording of:
Hallelujah (track A7)
Quark (track A4)
State of Mind (track B2)