CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 A Kiss Before You Go 1:17
2 I Will Dance (When I Walk Away) 3:51
3 Cherry Pie 3:01
4 Land of Confusion 3:39
5 Lady Marlene 4:35
6 Rock-Paper-Scissors 3:29
7 Cocktails and Ruby Slippers 4:00
8 Soviet Trumpeter 4:12
9 Loathsome M 2:42
10 Shepherd’s Song 3:09
11 Gypsy Flee 2:54
12 God’s Great Dust Storm 4:06


CD 1

Gunhild Mathea Olaussen (tracks 6, 10–11)
carillon [hammered carillon], celesta [celeste], marimba, piano and tack piano:
Solveig Heilo (track 7)
carillon and membranophone:
Solveig Heilo (track 10)
carillon, harp, marimba, membranophone and percussion:
Solveig Heilo (track 11)
glass harmonica [harp, glass], mellotron and piano:
Solveig Heilo (track 5)
mellotron, percussion and piano:
Marianne Sveen (track 8)
mandolin, mbira [kalimba] and percussion [stumping]:
mandolin, percussion, tack piano, trumpet and tuba:
Solveig Heilo (track 8)
Marianne Sveen (track 7)
membranophone and percussion:
Solveig Heilo (track 4)
Daniel Herskedal (Norwegian tubaist) (tracks 4, 10)
Solveig Heilo (track 9)
Solveig Heilo (track 3)
guitar [high-string guitar]:
Marianne Sveen (tracks 9, 11)
guitar [high-string guitar], mandolin and zither:
guitar and membranophone:
Marianne Sveen (track 9)
guitar, membranophone and percussion:
Solveig Heilo (track 2)
Turid Jørgensen Honerud (tracks 3–4, 7, 9, 11)
Marianne Sveen (track 2)
bass, bulbul tarang [bulbul], tambourine and ukulele:
Marianne Sveen (track 6)
Marianne Sveen (tracks 1, 5)
banjo and percussion:
banjo, bulbul tarang [bulbul], clarinet, membranophone, percussion [stumping] and trumpet:
Solveig Heilo (track 6)
banjo, electric guitar and tambourine:
banjo, domra, guitar [high-string guitar] and percussion:
Marianne Sveen (track 10)
tack piano:
tack piano and tuba:
Solveig Heilo (track 1)
electric guitar:
Dweezil Zappa (track 11)
electric guitar and guitar:
Marianne Sveen (track 4)
electric guitar, mandolin and piano:
Anne Marit Bergheim (track 10)
Mr. Orkester (track 6)
Solveig Heilo (track 12)
celesta [celeste] and mellotron:
Anne Marit Bergheim (track 11)
piano and tack piano:
piano, ukulele, washboard and whistle [whistling]:
Marianne Sveen (track 3)
accordion and carillon:
accordion and bass:
accordion and double bass [bow bass]:
accordion, carillon, celesta [celeste], harmonica, mandolin and tack piano:
accordion, double bass [bow bass] and Marxophone:
additional electronic instruments:
Marianne Sveen (track 4)
Mike Hartung (tracks 1–3, 5–12)
Katzenjammer (Norwegian band from Oslo) (tracks 1–3, 5–12)
Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim (tracks 1–3, 5–12)
assistant recording engineer:
Anne Marit Bergheim (tracks 1, 8)
Solveig Heilo (track 5)
Marianne Sveen (tracks 3, 10–11)
Robert Ellis Orrall (US country singer/producer) (track 6)
Mats Rybø (tracks 1–2, 7, 9, 12)
Tony Banks (Genesis) (track 4)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 4)
Katzenjammer (Norwegian band from Oslo) (track 6)
lead vocals:
Anne Marit Bergheim (tracks 5, 7)
Solveig Heilo (tracks 2, 6, 8)
Turid Jørgensen Honerud (tracks 1, 9)
Marianne Sveen (tracks 3–4, 10, 12)
Solveig Heilo (track 5)
Marianne Sveen (tracks 3, 10)
Robert Ellis Orrall (US country singer/producer) (track 6)
Mats Rybø (tracks 1–2, 7–9, 12)
Mike Rutherford (track 4)
Mike Hartung (track 3)
Katzenjammer (Norwegian band from Oslo) (track 6)
Anne Marit Bergheim (tracks 1–4, 6, 8–12)
Solveig Heilo (tracks 1, 3–5, 7, 9–12)
Turid Jørgensen Honerud (tracks 2–8, 10–12)
Marianne Sveen (tracks 1–2, 5–9, 11)
Mike Rutherford (track 4)
Anthony Banks Ltd. (track 4)
Concord Music GmbH (track 4)
Concord Sounds (track 4)
Imagem CV (track 4)
Imagem Music GmbH (subsidiary of Dutch music publishers Imagem) (track 4)
written at:
The Farm (of Genesis fame) in Surrey, England, United Kingdom (track 4)
cover recording of:
Land of Confusion (track 4)
later parody versions:
Land of Delusion (track 4)
recording of:
Cherry Pie (track 3)
Gypsy Flee (track 11)
Lady Marlene (track 5)
Loathsome M (track 9)
Shepherd’s Song (track 10)
Soviet Trumpeter (track 8)


photography:Mathias Fossum
mixer:Mike Hartung
graphic design:Heydays
producer and recording engineer:Mike Hartung
Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim
mastering:Chris Sansom (engineer)
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ASIN:DE: B005B6423E [info]