Additional credits:


Percussion performed by Jay Purdy, Matt Gibson
Wind Organ performed by Jay Purdy
Noise Makers performed by Matt Gibson, Justin Wolf
Original Songs by Jay Purdy and Matt Gibson
Guitar Solo performed by The Corndawg
Hand Screened Covers by Frede Zimmer

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Neighborhood Watch 2:49
2 Crazy Whacked-Out Broad & Snyder 2:43
3 Rats and Pizza 1:09
4 A Midnight Waltz in a Major 3:04
5 The Ongoing Struggle 1:09
6 Chelsea 4:06
7 The Arsonist 3:07
8 Ikua 2:22
9 A Cartoon Bee in the Springtime 1:53
10 The Monster and the Count 3:30
11 Andrea 3:04
12 The Warehouse Song 4:02
13 Girls With Boyfriends 2:31
14 Heatheroo 1:26
15 Remember the Plan 2:42
16 Hi-Five the Cactus 4:39
17 The Ballad of Janice Moone 2:52
18 Wendy 3:56
19 Nest on a Rooftop 2:51



additional design/illustration:Chelsea Vidaurri
design/illustration:Jay Purdy
mixer, recording engineer and mastering:Justin Wolf
executive producer:Frede Zimmer
producer:The Extraordinaires (New American indie rock band)
Justin Wolf
additional bass guitar, guitar and membranophone:Justin Wolf
additional handclaps and percussion:Chelsea Wolf
additional handclaps and violin:Ross Bollinger
bass guitar and mandolin:Matt Gibson
guitar, membranophone, organ and piano:Jay Purdy
additional vocals:Ross Bollinger
Chelsea Wolf
Justin Wolf
vocals:Matt Gibson
Jay Purdy